Non-Touristic Odesa: Secret Places

Non-Touristic Odesa: Secret Places

Apart from famous touristic sights such as Passage or Duke monument, Odesa is full of less-known, but also charming and interesting places. Let us find out some secret spots of Odesa.

Steve Jobs monument

“Thanks, Steve” monument is a sculpture composition, established in Odesa in the memory of Steve Jobs. Creation of the monument was initiated by students and administration of State Academy of technical regulation and Quality. Sculptor and artist Kirill Maksimenko, who specializes in art items made of metal structures, started working on the sculpture in November 2011. The unveiling ceremony was held on 5th October 2012 in the first anniversary of Jobs` death. The sculpture composition is made as a human arm with an image of an apple on the front side and a heart on the backside. The arm is made on steel carcass with separate welded metal details (auto-, moto-, bicycle elements, brought to the master`s studio by the ordinary Odessites). In the night, the composition is illuminated by white and blue neon lights. The monument has embedded device, which provides all people around with free wi-fi. The front side of the monument has a table with inscription “Thanks, Steve” in Russian and in English. The overall weight of the sculpture is around 300 kg.
Address: 74, Novoselskogo street
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Tolstoy Palace (House of Scientists)
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This majestic mansion is a real palace with many luxurious halls. The building, constructed in 1832 in Russian classicism style, was owned by the count Michael Tolstoy, a well-known Odesa benefactor. His luxury mansion, nowadays known as the House of Scientists, was the first building with a telephone line in Odesa. After Bolsheviks came to power, the mansion was turned into the first Public Museum. In 1934, the luxury building became a residence of Ukrainian House of Scientists. Currently the architectural complex includes two buildings: count`s palace and ex-picture gallery (Green hall), designed in baroque style. The fascinating Oak, Walnut and Silk living rooms are open for excursions. The second floor is occupied by gorgeous White hall with oak parquet. This hall still keeps the spirit of posh high-life events. The Red hall includes the museum of the House of Scientists. The Marble hall, which served as a count`s dining rooms, keeps one of the most valuable exhibits item. This is an old piano, the price of which is evaluated as 500 000 EUR. Ferencz List, a great composer, has played on this instrument. Nowadays the House of Scientist is used for diverse exhibitions, symposiums and seminars.
Address: 4, Sabaneyiv Mist street
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Monument to Ludwik Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto
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The Ludwik Zamenhof monument in Odesa is the first and only monument to inventor of Esperanto language in Ukraine. The sculpture was created by Nikolay Blazhkov and was unveiled in 1959. In 1950, the sculptor received an order from Poland for creation of Zamenhof monument, but by some reason the customers did not come for the sculpture. Therefore, Blazhkov installed gypsum bust on the top of a well in his own yard. He had to report to the government that it was the monument to his father, because Esperanto movement was prohibited in Stalin years. In 2008, the restoration of the bust began by the order of City Council. The result of the restoration is a concrete pedestal faced in marble; paving slag; drop-forged metal enclosure; grass-plat; the bust itself coated with marble-imitating material. The monument is highly appreciated by Esperantists. Local Esperantists and foreign delegations come here to celebrate Ludwik Zamenhof`s birthday on 15 December.
Address: 3, Deribasovska street
Discover the non-touristic side of Odesa to gain a more comprehensive view of this beautiful seacoast city.
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