Odessa Quest-Rooms

Odessa Quest-Rooms

For the most adventurous souls, who always wanted to play detective or test their logics, there’s a great way to spend the weekend. Quest games, based on clues hidden in the room, have been recently introduced in Ukraine and are now available in every major city. Find out more about the best Odessa quest-rooms.

A perfect chance to make real the fantasies of our beloved book and movie worlds - from charming magic to surviving horror, here are the best Odessa quest-rooms you can book. Hogwarts
The great quest for the book fans - if you ever dreamed to trot the long Hogwarts corridors, make a potion or solve riddles to enter the Ravenclaw dorm, it’s high time to do it. You will find yourself starting the game in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle and visit plenty of rooms that perfectly mirror the movie interior with detailed portraits on the wall, and, of course magical tools. Immerse yourself in childhood for an hour to forget the pressing problems of the real world. The quest room is suitable for everyone aged 8+. The minimum number of players is 2, and the maximum is 9 people. You can book the room online at questgames.com.ua
Address: 33, Pushkinska street, Odessa
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QuestRoomsOdessa two

Another option for the fairytale lovers, this quest room is ready to take you on a Bilbo Baggins type of adventure. Fasten the belts, ladies and gentlemen, as we’re in for the ride to the core of the dwarven mountain, filled with riches and jewels. Of course, no treasures are easy to take - first, you got to fight the dark forces and something mysterious guarding the jewels. Guessed who yet? This quest is a perfect choice for the family: suitable for kids aged 12+, whose little adventurous souls love solving riddles, and the number of players from 2 to 6 allows the whole family to feel the magical vibe of Shire and Middle-earth.
Address: 12, Bunina street, Odessa
One of the most intriguing Odessa quest-rooms, 1408 takes you to the world of Stephen King’s horrors. Filled with suspense and thrill, you’ll feel exactly like the main character of the 1408 movie - trapped in a mysterious hotel room, with many questions (and many clues, as well - for the most attentive eyes). A whole hour filled with trying to find the answer behind the mysterious row of deaths that happened in the room: three crashed have, two killed themselves, four hanged themselves and four were poisoned...Are you still ready to go inside? If so, the game takes in 2 to 4 people aged 14+. Choose your partners wisely!
Address: 6, Pushkinska street, Odessa
QuestRoomsOdessa one
«Mind Games» / A Beautiful Mind quest
A quest for those who have been thrilled by «A Beautiful Mind» and would love to attempt unraveling encryptions and uncover hidden secrets. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a PhD in mathematics - tasks are focused only on testing attention and logic, like a classical quest. The peculiarity of this particular quest is that you’re given clothes and personal belongings of the characters - to immerse fully in the atmosphere and have unforgettable time. Suitable for everyone from age 12, this game requires from 2 to 4 people in your team. Let’s see which game those minds have in store!
Address: 14, Pushkinska street, Odessa
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All Odessa quest-rooms welcome their guests and encourage booking via website (for instance, questgames.com.ua) or by phone. Plan in advance and, most importantly, have fun!
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