Odessa secret places to spend good time at

Odessa secret places to spend good time at

You will not find these Odessa secret places on a tourist map; they are not mentioned in any travel guide but they are totally worth visiting to spend some good time in a beautiful city.

Every city has places like that. Secret locations are usually frequented by locals and situated off the beaten tourist tracks. The most curious places in Odessa are often not mentioned in typical travel guides, and thus, these treasures tend to be left unseen if not found by accident or simply when passing by. Destinations brings you to Odessa secret places to spend good time at.

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Not even all Odessa locals know about that area of genuine creativity in their native city. Enter the tiny Olesha alley to find yourself in a real European style co-working space. Many local IT-guys, photographers, bloggers and other casual freelance crowd work in Hub Livingroom during the day. At the afterwork hours this place hosts numerous lectures, movie screenings and book clubs, English Mafia Club (the game also known as The Werewolf), theater of shadows for families with kids and many more exciting activities.
Address: 1, Grecheskaya street, Odessa.

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Golden Duque was a very popular movie theater in Odessa during Soviet Union era. Sadly, forgotten by visitors and potential sponsors, this cinema turned into ruins and remained in horrible condition until recent years. A group of young initiative locals had renamed Golden Duque into Sunday Cinema recently and began its restoration.
Sunday Summer Cinema opened 3 months ago and instantly became an absolute hit among local art loving crowd. The movies are a mix of ’80s favorites, classic, cult, recent film releases and all-time great Hollywood classics. They also have movie discussion club after movie screening.
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Sunday Summer Cinema hosts numerous pop-up markets and fairs. There is no admission fee, however, visitors are encouraged to make charitable donations which will be invested in further movie theater development.
Address: Primorskyy boulevard, Dvorets Moryakov, Odessa.

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Rooftops are popular locations for parties and various shindigs in Odessa. Krysha Morya (Sea Roof) is recent addition to Odessa party scene. Minimalistic design, comfy bean bag chairs, delicious food and the most important thing - spectacular views - make Sea Roof the ultimate place for romantic dates in Odessa.
Address: Lanzheron Beach, Odessa.
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Situated on the picturesque Black Sea coast, Odessa is the perfect blend of sun, beach, culture, history, gastronomy and nightlife. No doubt, it is one of the most popular cities in Ukraine, also because of its cosmopolitan atmosphere and charming architecture. Our selection of Odessa secret places will let you look beyond the touristic part of the city and find the most unique places that are really worth visiting.

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