One-day Camping: Oasis in the City

One-day Camping: Oasis in the City

Kiev is a fast-moving city. No surprises that one can feel like getting out of the busy rhythm of life and enjoy peaceful and calm day somewhere far away from the city. Unfortunately, there is no such option all the time. However, there are some places in Kiev to escape from reality for just one day.

Trukhaniv Island

Trukhaniv Island is a popular place for recreation among the Kiev citizens because of its approachability: the easiest way to get there is the Pedestrian Bridge. Fifteen-minute walking from Poshtova Square attracts lots of locals here, especially during summer when Dnypro River gets warm enough to swim in. But don’t hesitate to skip the beach zone and pass further. Get deeper into the Trukhaniv ‘jungles’ to explore the landscape and discover beautiful isolated spots.

Kiev Reservoir

There is a magnificent place known among the locals as the ‘Kiev Sea’ in Kiev suburbs, on a short car ride distance. The shore of Kiev reservoir is quite popular place for camping, fishing and even doing all kinds of water sports: from yachting and wind-surfing to more extreme wakeboarding and parasailing. Nevertheless, if you seek for some quit and relaxing experience, be sure you will find one here. There are plenty of beautiful romantic spots to get lost and places to walk through while enjoying a fascinating view.

Syrets Dendropark

The Syrets Dendropark is less known that famous botanic gardens in Kiev. That is why it so unique: if you come here, there is no chance to be surrounded by hundreds of people. Getting here might be a problem due to the unfortunate location of the natural park. But all the efforts are worth the experience. Clean territory, beautiful and rare species of trees and plants, wooden benches and forged alcove, amazing smells and breathtaking landscapes.. This is a perfect place. You will not regret coming here!


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