One of the Most Beautiful Christmas Trees of the World is in Kyiv

One of the Most Beautiful Christmas Trees of the World is in Kyiv

The FOLK UKRAINE team became the official organizer of the New Year 2018 at Sofia Square in Kyiv. This year natural Christmas Tree located in the historical heart of the capital can be considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

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Its record height reached 30 meters, and 33 kilometers of garlands were spent on illumination around it. The majority of toys and flashlights of different colors made it gorgeous.
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The lanterns are equipped with internal light, which changes its color in harmony with the lights of the garlands. The main goal was to create a holiday of an international level, to aquaint with Ukrainian traditions and to show the whole world that Ukraine is truly beautiful country!
If you still had no chance to see it, hurry up to come to Kyiv this January and to have unforgetable emotions due to the beautiful decorations of the Christmas Tree at Sofia Square.
Photos provided by FOLK UKRAINE

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