Outstanding Photo Session Sites in Kyiv

Outstanding Photo Session Sites in Kyiv

There is no need in keeping saying that Kyiv is a fascinating city. Walking around it always end up with whipping out a camera or a smart phone to capture yourself with beautiful architecture in the background. But in case your camera is full of pictures of common places, here is another “set of five” to be your next shooting sites.  

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Abandoned Praha hotel

In the very center of Kyiv city there is a distinctive place worth being a photo location. Abandoned Praha hotel (Prague hotel) that used to bear the name Nomera Iliinskoy (Ilinska rooms) was constructed in 1880. In about ten years three more floors and banquet hall on its roof were built up and the hotel was renamed. Now the place is empty and only long corridors and furniture remnants reminds of its hotel past. And it would be a usual abandoned place among a lot of others in Kyiv, but glass atrium on the upper floor of the building makes the hotel a place of unusual atmosphere and interesting architecture. At times the hotel greets “guests” who strolls around and take attractive shots.
Address: 36 Volodymyrska Street
The Khanenko Museum

It is truly a magnificent place that doesn’t hide its beauty deep inside the halls. It reveals right at the entrance hall – the Baroque style with art masterpieces on the walls. Young lawyer and a hardcore enthusiast of art Bohdan Khanenko established the place after getting married with Varvara Tereshchenko and moving to Kyiv. Once Khanenko signed over his collection of rare antique objects, works of art that has been collected for 40 years, unique library and a mansion to Kyiv city. Now more than 20 000 pieces of foreign art including the Khanenkos’ private collection are kept in the museum. However, the place attracts not only art lovers, but also those who search for aristocratic photo site to take aristocratic pictures.
Address: 15-17 Tereshchenkivska Street
Podilsko-Voskresensky bridge
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Podilsko-Voskresensky bridge were supposed to solve traffic problems in Kyiv and become the fourth metro line in the city in early 90th, but lack of money and constant “inappropriate” time has been putting off the construction for about 30 years. Thus, while being in a suspension state, the large-scale neverending construction site of the capital city turned into popular and well-liked spot for thematic pictures with the majestic Dnipro river in the background.
Courtyard ruins on Bekhterevskyi Lane

Kyiv courtyards hide many secrets and they can be pretty interesting location for a photo set. One of them is located on Bekhterevsky lane. Entering the yard of building 8 you’ll find ruins. People say that these are the remnants of the building where Ukrainian writer Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky used to live. Nobody knows for sure whether it’s true or not, but the ruins of the building is appearing in photos of more and more people.
Address: 8 Bekhterevskyi Lane
The Castle of Richard the Lionheart roof
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To get a kind of mysterious photo session, head to gothic Richard’s Castle – a place of mystery and ghosts. The legend says that once an industrialist named Dmytro Orlov owned the building, at the last stages of construction he was killed and his widow didn’t pay the whole sum of money for the construction. Builders in their turn decided to play dirty tricks on her. They put eggshell in the chimney that made strange and scary noise. In some time it was revealed, but the castle is still mysterious and empty. Few people take pictures inside the castle; mostly they come up to the roof with sharp spires, gothic towers and splendid view of the city.
Address: 15 Andriyivsky Descent
Lots of interesting places equals lots of fascinating pictures to your albums. Take shots exploring Kyiv!
Photo source: shutterstock.com, depositphotos.com, g.io.ua, nashkiev.ua, the-village.com.ua, Khanenko museum Facebook page.

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