“Pink Breakfast” in Radisson Blu: Supporting the Fight with Cancer

“Pink Breakfast” in Radisson Blu: Supporting the Fight with Cancer

Photo Radisson Blu hotel, KyivUkrainian Radisson Blu hotels organized a "Breakfast with a pink ribbon" on the 17th of October 2016 to draw attention to the problem of breast cancer in Ukraine.

"This year Radisson Blu hotel chain acted as a platform for leading oncology experts in Ukraine. We invited journalists, media partners and opinion leaders to join our event and help to spread the issue of breast cancer in Mass Media. We hope that women reading these lines will remember about their own health and pay more attention to it. We also encourage other companies not to stay on the sidelines of vital problems, but to help. For example, this year 10% of sales of Pink room in Radisson Blu Hotels will go to EUROPA DONNA charity fund», - said Marianna Marshalenko, Moderator and Coordinator of "Responsible Business” program of Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv.
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"In 2012 there were detected 361600 cases of breast cancer (BC) in the European Union. 37% of cases are diagnosed for women of 50-64 years old. In the EU, thanks to implementation of mammography screening the reduction of breast cancer mortality was on the level of 30%. Mammographic screening studies were conducted in 2012 and found 3,500 breast cancer patients in 0 stage, and tumor size was 5 mm. Screening saves lives and saves money for health care so that further treatment of early stages of cancer is much cheaper ", - said Galina Maystruk, National Representative of EUROPA DONNA European coalition against cancer.
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"Breast cancer is primary systemic disease that requires a comprehensive systemic treatment. However, the purpose of the oncological treatment should be not only focused on the length, but also the quality of life of the patients. Multidisciplinary approach is the gold standard in cancer treatment. Conserving surgery and mastectomy have the same oncological results with the right choice of treatment. Oncoplastic surgery and reconstruction do not worsen cancer treatment results, and should be a standard of quality ", - said Andrei Zhigulin, head of LISOD Center of modern mammology.
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"The increase in breast cancer cases of women before 40 years old and older than 50 years is the main sad trend in the world and in Ukraine. Polluted environment, low quality food and water are the reasons for that trend also as our modern lifestyle. The modern woman wants to make career first and then she wants a family. Late marriage and first pregnancy after 30 years old influence hormone system and provoke cancer. And imagine if God created the respiratory system only for one breath?! It is impossible. Similarly, the reproductive system of women was created to give birth to many kids. But in modern society a woman gives birth late today, and as a rule – to one child. All of these factors indicate that breast cancer is a socio-economic problem with a certain degree of evolution ", - said Nikolay Anikusko, mammalogy oncologist, Head of the surgical department of the Kyiv city clinical cancer center.
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"It is not necessary to save money on our own health. Once a year, every woman can go to a clinic for a screening and to be examined by a specialist. It will take only 15 minutes. But it can save life", - said Marysia Gorobets, TV presenter, producer and travel-journalist.
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"Annual Month of struggle against breast cancer is represented by a traditional “pink" breakfast in Radisson Blu, which perfectly complements the new Super Breakfast Buffet, rich in vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products, which are useful for women's health" - shared Alexandra Brovko, PR-manager of the hotel.
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All photos are provided by Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv

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