Places in Carpathians Worth Visiting

Places in Carpathians Worth Visiting

Fascinating Ukrainian Carpathians attract numerous tourists with their magical aura and exceptional sublimity of natural landscapes. Deep lakes, meandering rivers, green forests and high mountains – Carpathians are the best place to spend time with Mother Nature, healing your body and soul by fresh air, calmness and breathtaking views. Let`s check out some places in Carpathian mountains definitely worth visiting.

Dzembronia village
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Small Dzembronia village, hidden in high mountains, is a perfect place for those who want to escape civilization for a while and to feel fresh breathe of nature. Dzembronia is the name both of the most high-altitude village of Ukraine and of picturesque mountain nearby. Though it is not so easy to reach this place, the efforts definitely are worth it. Beautiful nature of this area attracts many tourists each year. Lots of hiking routes along Chorna Hora mountain chain start here. Here you can visit Pop Ivan Chernogorsky mountain, which is the third by height in Ukraine. On the top of this mountain, there are ruins of stone astronomical observatory, built in 1938. Huzuls consider this mountain as a sacred place, because a pagan temple has been standing there in old times. Maybe this is the reason why the tradition of going up Dzembronia mountain on Ivana Kupala holiday is still alive.
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Borzhava valley
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Borzhava valley is a massif on Polonynsky chain of Ukrainian Carpathians, located between Latoritsa and Rika rivers. Tourists who get here are always excited by bright colors of the valley, filled with tender sunlight. The view of green mountains delights eyes with unforgettable pleasure. The most picturesque panorama can be observed from the top of Striy, the highest local mountain, which is almost 1,7 kms by altitude. Borzhava valley is considered to be one of the best locations for hiking. Many tourist agencies offer various interesting tours to Borzhava valley. Lovers of nature can choose to live in a tent or in nice wooden cottages.
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Shypit waterfall
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Shypit, which is included in the list of seven wonders of Ukraine, is a beautiful waterfall located on the north hillsides of Borzhava valley massif at the bottom of Gimba mountain is Pyltypets village in Zakarpattya. This unique act of nature charms locals and tourists with its unbelievable beauty. A tiny underwater spring flows from 1598-meters high Velyky Verkh mountain down the ravine, turning into small Ploshanka stream. The cold fresh waters of this stream then fall down from the altitude of 14 meters in beautiful cascades, creating an eye-pleasing view of crystal Shypit waterfall.
Nevytsky castle
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Old Nevitsky castle is located between Kam`yanitsia and Nevytske village not far from Uzh river. The inexpungable gray walls and towers of the castle impress with their massiveness. The history of Nevitsky castle began in XII century, when Hungarians started to cooperate with Galicia and Kyiv princes, which led to construction of new roads and fortresses. Some years ago, the castle has been abandoned, but fortunately, now it is reconstructed. The enter to castle is open, so everyone interested can go inside and see everything with their own eyes. Local scientists can tell lots of interesting facts about this place. Starting from 2006, theatrical holiday with traditional wedding rituals is regularly held in the castle.
Gereshaska lake and Dragobrat waterfall
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Beautiful Dragobrat waterfall is located to the west from Dragobrat valley on Kysva river. A route leading to waterfall is quite challenging, but when you reach this fascinating place, located 1500 meters above sea level, it is just impossible to take eyes off breathtaking mountain views. If you walk a little higher (1577 meters above sea), you will find wonderful Gereshaska lake. This lake is known for its unusual rectangular shape and significant size: the width of Gereshaska is more than 110 meters. The lake is not very deep – up to 1,2 meters, but the temperature of water has never exceed 11 C even in sunny summer days. If you do not want to walk all the way, renting an offroader will be a good choice.
Do not miss the chance to dive into the charming mystical atmosphere of Ukrainian Carpathians.
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