Top-5 Dnipro Attractions

Top-5 Dnipro Attractions

Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk) is one of the biggest and most spectacular cities in Ukraine. Located on the picturesque Dnipro River, this Ukrainian city has elegant XIX century houses, wide boulevards, scenic river vistas and much more to impress tourists.

Dnipro boasts strong Jewish heritage and the best museum of Jewish history in Ukraine, as well as numerous boutiques, shopping centers, classy restaurants and night clubs. Regardless of its industrial and Soviet background, this beautiful city of Ukraine has all the potential to become an attractive destination for tourists.

Dnipro Quay

Modern Dnipro quay Dnipro Quay is the city’s major pride. This quay is the longest in Europe and is over 23 kilometers long. As city’s main attraction, Dnipro Quay attracts thousands of tourists. Locals take leisure strolls on weekends and many people enjoy their morning runs with a view along this picturesque quay. The unique atmosphere is created by modern architecture, manicured green lawns, unusual sculptures, fountains and magnificent Dnipro river.

Lazarus Globa Park

Aerial view of a parkLazarus Globa Park is the oldest park in Dnipro, which makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations for locals and tourists. Besides the beautiful nature and landscape design, there is a number of places such as famous Summer Theatre and "The Little Prince" fountain beloved by local children. Lazarus Globa park houses a giant Ferris wheel where you can take a ride and enjoy an amazing panoramic vista of the city and Dnipro River.

Monastic Island

Monastery Island in DniproThe island is part of Dnipro's largest park complex - Shevchenko Park Monastic Island, which is one of the most romantic and attractive spots of Dnipro city. The elegant pedestrian bridge leading to the island is considered to be a landmark of its own. An unusual sculptural exposition - the Bench of Sweethearts and the Tree of Happiness forged by Dnipro's blacksmiths - is installed near the bridge at the city's side. You can also get to the island by the cableway, which offers amazing views over the city. One of Ukraine's largest monuments to the world-famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko is also among island's sights. Monastic Island in Dnipro is the favorite relaxation place for locals and an interesting tourist sight for the city's guests, as well as the popular festival and concert location.

Menorah Cultural and Business Center

58100289The Menorah is a unique building and the world’s largest Jewish complex, equal to none elsewhere on Earth. This project shows the past, present and future of Jewish life in the city of Dnipro. The unique architectural design of the building, convenient location in the heart of the city, high standards of service along with modern technical equipment are the basis for a successful business, comfortable stay and a hearty reception. The Center consists of seven towers, symbolically representing the resemblance of the Temple’s Menorah. Today, the Menorah is a fascinating landmark, filled with an active cultural and business life, as well as events of all sizes and formats.

St John The Baptist Church

St John church in Dnipro at nightOne of the newest additions to the religious architecture of the city, St John Church definitely catches the eye of tourists, who first visit Dnipro. Erected in 2007, this church is built in a shape of a Greek cross with a prominent bell tower, which is controlled by a computer.  
Dnipro (ex Dnipropetrovsk) is modern and dynamic Ukrainian city. It is also the center of high-technology industries, education, machine-building, metallurgy and trade. Often overlooked by travelers due to its industrial Soviet past, contemporary city of Dnipro has much interesting and exciting things to offer even to the most spoiled tourists.
Photo sources:, Menorah website. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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