Odesa Secret Beaches for a Good Vacation

Odesa Secret Beaches for a Good Vacation

Odesa city beaches are familiar to the majority of the visitors of this beautiful Black Sea gem. Destinations introduces you to the secret beaches of Odesa, where you would be able to find tranquility and comfort even during the high summer season.

If you have been to Odesa before, you probably visited "Dolphin", "Arcadia", "Riviera", "Luzanovka", "Otrada", "Chayka" or "Chernomorka" beaches. With their cons and pros, these beaches are likely to be crowded and rather pricy during summer months. That's why we offer you the list of lesser-known beaches in Odesa and its vicinity to spend your hot summer days:

Russian Beach

Huge rock on Odesa beachClean and wide but sadly unequipped, this beach area lies between Trassa Zdorovya (Health Highway) and Frantsuz'ky boulevard (French Boulevard). There are changing rooms and public restrooms, but other than that, the beach is completely bare. It is easy to find - take a long stroll down the French boulevard and right behind the Santorini cafe you will find the large deserted paradise. 


Pink sky and beachThis beach is located outside the city, just behind Moloda Hvardia kids’ summer camp. You can get there either by car or by any public bus going towards Nova Dofinovka village. No one here seems to mind the lack of loungers or umbrellas and instead brings their own. The beach stripe here is larger than some of the others Odesa’s sand spaces, which makes it a perfect location for beach camping.


Waves and rocks in the seaLocated in 2 kilometers from Kryzhanovka cottage rentals, this little strap of sand is truly a hidden beach gem. Accessible only from the neighboring beach of Kryzhanovka, it takes about 30 minutes by foot to reach it. The perfect combination of clean sea, rocky cliffs and lush vibes makes this place an ultimate romantic beach spot.

Katranka and Rasseyka

Long beach viewIn a 3-hour drive from Odesa you can find Katranka beach - one of the most pristine and tranquil beaches in Odesa region, located between the Black sea and the Sasyk lake. You can take a dip in the salty sea and then freshen up in cool lake water. Rasseyka beach is located a little closer to Odesa, just before Chornomorsk town. Here you can observe rare birds and wild dolphins.


Sunset in Kurortne in OdesaA five-kilometer strip of land, clean sand and clear water makes this beach very popular with families. Kurortne beach is located in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi area of Zatoka. The location is perfect for picnics and camping. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan food and wine in the village located close by. Housing is available in case you would like to spend a couple of days in this beautiful place.
Finding a beach is the key to many great summer vacations, but the perfect beach is rarely found by chance.
Photo source: shutterstock.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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