Lviv Undergrounds and Dungeons Tour

corridor in dungeon

One of the most popular walking city tours, Lviv Undergrounds and Dungeons tour added two new exciting locations to its route. Discover Lviv’s mystifying underground world and listen to some spooky legends from city’s history.

Most unusual attraction, a humorous stroll through intriguing subterranean of Lviv old town, starts in the center of the city and leads to the most cryptic dungeons of medieval churches of Lviv. These catacombs are full of mystical fiction and possess a sense of impressive ambiance of medieval history.

old dark dungeon
The underground world of Lviv spreads for more than 100 kms. Many churches and monasteries have old underground labyrinths, formerly used as burial places or treasuries in the war times of the medieval past, often not even known to the local inhabitants. Many structures have been undertunneled for military purposes to hide not only military supplies but also the soldiers of all the different armies which invaded Lviv in the past 800 years.
Most common Lviv Undergrounds and Dungeons tours include only the smallest part of discovered catacombs. However, there are some private guided tours that offer a deeper immersion into the cryptic atmosphere of Lviv underground world.

dungeon with stone walls
One of the most interesting attractions on the tour route is the Church of Jesuits and its hidden dungeons. There are some imposing frescoes of the XVII century, remains of the protective walls of the XVII century and thrilling engraved sarcophagus of the XVIII century over there. This sarcophagus drives a special attention of the tourists as it has a dislocated tomb stone. which means that someone tried to escape from this place. Most guides also tell the most horrifying legend about the ghost of the Black Monk who wanders over the Church territory looking for his soul.

tomb in old dungeon
The dungeons of the Dominican Cathedral and the remains of the Prince Lev Castle that has been constructed in 1270 are another interesting highlight of this tour. The enigmatic atmosphere of the wooden galleries could be felt once you enter the Cathedral. The spacious room with a gibbet that was used for torments and tortures during the time of Holy Inquisition, makes us think of a variety of spooky and gruesome legends on unresting souls wandering over the dungeons of the Cathedral at night.

beautiful cathedral interior
The catacombs of the Pharmacy Museum is the place where Lviv alchemists are believed to conduct their experiments turning iron into gold and the dungeons of the Transfiguration Church are housing an impressive collection of fresco art.
The Lviv Old town is famous for its beautiful architecture. But there are not only the treasures visible at first sight on the streets. Discover Lviv’s hidden story with one of the most popular city tours - Lviv Undergrounds and Dungeons tour that is available for booking at Lviv City Council tourist information center as well as at the majority of local travel companies.


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