Places to Visit in Vinnytsia

fountains with lights in evening

Vinnytsia is a beautiful, charming town in the central part of Ukraine. Regional center combines all the advantages of a modern, fairly large city, but it has a certain atmosphere of the province. Most probably, thanks to this fact Vinnytsia was recognized one of the most comfortable towns for living in Ukraine.

Vinnytsa is a very green town full of parks, mini-gardens with flowers and alleys.
Thanks to the first in Ukraine and the largest in Europe "Roshen" floating light and music fountain, Vinnytsia has become a popular destination for tourists and guests from different parts of Ukraine, especially on the weekends.
Moreover, thanks to its good location and transport infrastructure it is easy to get into this town from anywhere.
city street with church
Start your excursion with the central Soborna street with the most interesting sights of the town. Different architectural styles and relaxed rhythm of life with many trams will make you feel like somewhere in small town in Europe.
In January 2011 the Swiss city of Zurich presented 105 one-wagon trams to Vinnytsia town. Till now it is the very popular and main public transport in the town.
You can also take an excursion by tram #4 "Railway station - Barsky highway" route where you will enjoy the fascinating trip. By the way, all trams in the city provide free wi-fi.
old clock tower
There are many sculptures and monuments, as well as architectural masterpieces like Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration) Cathedral, the church of Virgin Mary, the Water tower and so on.
It will be interesting to visit the Vinnytsia Regional Museum, where you can have a look at mammoth, as well as at household items and utensils from different eras.
The museum-estate of Nicholay Pirogov is one of the most visited and fascinating places of Vinnytsia.
white mansion
The legendary and brilliant scientist lived and worked in his estate, called Vyshnia (Cherry). Now this is one of the most popular historical sites with its recreated interiors of the time, rooms for surgeries, reception and pharmacy. It seems that time has stopped here with the wax figures of people.
On the territory of a very old park with trees, planted by Pirogov, there is the church with table-tomb with embalmed body of this famous scientist who invented the anesthesia.
Another opportunity to see Vinnytsia is to take a boat trip. It will open a new view of the town with wonderful white arbors on the shores of the Yuzhny Bug (Southern Bug) River.
city on river bank
When the night starts, go to admire the light and music "Roshen" fountain show, the biggest and the unique one in Ukraine.
If you spend a couple of days in Vinnytsia, take a trip to "Werewolf" (Wolf's Lair) Adolf Hitler Headquarter in a wooded area of Strizhavka village.
green park with stones
Hitler came here twice. For the first time he was here from July 16 to September 29, 1942, then again - from February 19 to March 8, 1943. The top people of the Third Reich were in "Werewolf" together with their Fuhrer. Bormann – Fuhrer’s Deputy of the party and his personal secretary, Reichsführer Himmler, Reichsmarschall Goering were among them. In summer of 1942 Eva Braun was here together with Hitler.
The higher ranks of the Wehrmacht gathered here to report on the progress of military operations. Archival documents indicate that during the first visit to his Headquarter in Vinnytsia Fuhrer worked on Stalingrad battle plan. This place is a part of world history and it is worth visiting.
fountain with colorful lights
Cozy Vinnytsia can surprise you and it is worth visiting to have good time. Pick the weekend and go!
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