National Parks in Ukraine

National Parks in Ukraine

Ukraine's landscape mostly consists of fertile plateau and steppes crossed by rivers and also have diverse geographical features ranging from highlands to lowlands. Ukraine has different national parks that were created to protect the biodiversity of the country. These protected areas help to conserve the varied ecosystem and the rich biodiversity housed in Ukraine.

The Carpathian National Natural Park

Biosphere Reserve in the CarpathiansThe oldest and the largest national park in Ukraine, Carpathian National Reserve was created in 1980 to protect the unique natural riches of the Carpathians. Located in the mountains of the Prut River basin, the park occupies a territory of over 50 thousand hectares. It amazes not only with its fantastic landscapes and unforgettable scenery, but also with the variety of its flora and fauna. A large number of various plants grow in the park, many of which are on the endangered species list in Ukraine. Almost 200 species of animals and birds live here. The park has several dozen trails; however, not all of them are adequately marked, and, therefore, it is best to tour or hike the mountains with a local resident or with a guide. You can get to the park through the special checkpoints, located in the surrounding towns and villages. People frequently come to the reserve from Yaremche, Vorokhta, Bukovel and Verkhovyna. The office of the Carpathian National Park is located in Yaremche town at 6, Stusa street. The admission to enter the park is paid at the entrance checkpoints.

Shatsky Lakes National Park

Boat in Shatsky lakesThe Shatsky National Nature Park lies 160 kilometers northwest of Lutsk in the corner between Belarus and Poland, and has some 200 lakes, rivers and streams. While fascinating to scientists, Ukraine's wild 'Lake District' and its deep Lake Svityaz is a long way from appealing to all but the most adventurous of tourists. If you are interested in heading to this park, hop on one of the frequent buses to Kovel and head for the village of Shatsk. Make sure to pack enough mosquito repellent as they are especially active in the region.

Skole Beskids National Park

Bisons in Skole National ParkNational Natural Park “Skole Beskids” covers most of the Skole district and some neighboring areas of Lviv region. Popular resorts Skhidnytsia, Skole, Slavske are located on the territory of the park. Thanks to its location in the valleys of Striy and Opir rivers, Skole provides a good opportunity for boating, rafting and even sailing. This area also boasts most popular ski resorts in Ukraine. One can still find the remains of pure beech forests and spruce fir forest stands, the totality of which occupies the highest position in the park's relief. The age of trees is more than 100 years here. More than 50 plant species of the park are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, among them the famous crocus, which attracts numerous tourists in spring. These days the park offers more than 30 mineral springs spa areas - they are located in the valley of Maydanske Rybnik and around New Kropyvnyk village.

Khortytsya National Park

Cossack in national attireKhortytsya National Reserve preserves and promotes one of the most important periods of Ukrainian history - Zaporizhzhya Cossacks. Uniqueness of Khortitsa is a rare combination of different natural systems - forests and meadows, rocky detached granite, groves, swamps and lakes are all harmonious on one territory. Khortytsya Island is the largest island on the Dnipro River (length 12.5 km, maximum width - up to 2.5 km). This is the only comprehensive historical, cultural and natural attraction in Ukraine that covers the period from the Mesolithic to the XX century. There are 63 archaeological and historical monuments, 33 of which are put on public display.

Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park

Pretty view in Western UkrainePodilski Tovtry National Nature Parkis so huge it covers several areas: districts of Horodok, Kamianets-Podilskyi and the Chemerivtsi Raion in the western Ukraine. The park was established on July 27 in 1996 for purposes of maintaining and protecting the natural landscape of the area. There are 1700 types of flora and 217 different kinds of fauna with over 13% accumulative farm forest and 14% of state forest fund. Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park is the biggest nature reserve in Ukraine, covering an area of 1,009 square miles.
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