Attractions in Hydro Park in Kyiv

Attractions in Hydro Park in Kyiv

Kyiv is an extremely beautiful city. If you would like to discover its natural beauty and try new extreme sports, Hydro Park located on the same-named metro station is definitely a spot to visit.

The recreational landscape Hydro Parkl lies between the Dnipro River and Rusanivsky strait. It is situated on two islands, Venetian and Dolobetsk, connected by the Venetian bridge. Surrounded by wild waters of the biggest river in Ukraine and covered by pure green forest, this place is unique and divine. It is hard to imagine that something like this can exist in the center of the modern megalopolis. Hydro Park is easily reachable by metro. There are many activities to enjoy in the park: you can walk through the woods and breathe the fresh air, swim, go jogging or just admire the beauty of pink lotuses in bloom. There are also numerous attractions created by people:

Open-air Gym

Man working out in an open-air gymThe park has a free open-air gym that was built in the 1960s. You can come here to exercise and warm up before swimming or jogging. If you're not up for sports, you can also enjoy it as a museum because such gyms don't exist anymore in Ukraine.

Kyiv in Miniature

Kyiv in miniature parkKyiv in Miniature park is especially beloved by children, so if you travel with kids they would be excited to visit this place. Little models of the real historical buildings of Kyiv can be a wonderful background for any children’s game so you can rest for a bit. The park is opened whole year round and includes the most famous sightseeing spots of the capital: Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Golden Gate, St Sophia Cathedral and Pivnichyi Bridge over Dnipro.

Rental Services

boat on the riverRental services are very popular in Kyiv in general. Hydro Park is one of the most popular spots for renting boats, kayaks, catamarans, bikes, skateboards, segways and everything to enjoy the ride. Moreover, horseback riding is also available here.

Extreme Sports

Man enjoying extreme water sportsExtreme sports will provide some desired activity in a daily routine. There is no way to think about day-to-day trifles when you are rope jumping from the bridge or when you fall into the water from a huge water slide. A spacious rope park is also located on Hydro Park. Don't forget to take a few peanuts because many local squirrels enjoy communication with humans.

Fine Dining

Girl holding a plate with foodCafes and restaurants can be found everywhere in Hydro Park. Delicious barbecue, sushi, burgers, seafood, fruits, cakes, ice cream and sweet corn are only several options of what is there to discover. Besides, a famous Kyiv cafe in the trees Skvorechnyk has moved here as well.
Hydro Park is amazing. It is gorgeous enough to make you forget about the city. But at the same time, it has taken all the best from civilization to entertain the guests.

Photos:, Igor Simanovskiy / All images belong to their rightful authors.


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