Little-Known Beautiful Lakes in Ukraine

unusual lake with pink water and white salty shore

Apart from the famous giants such as Svityaz` and Synevyr, Ukrainian nature also hides numerous less-known but still amazingly beautiful and unique lakes. Have you heard about lake with pink water or radon lake? Let`s read some interesting facts about these and other unusual lakes of Ukraine.

Pisochne Lake

boat on large lake with pier on background
Pisochne lake, a part of well-known Shatsky lakes resort, is located in Volynia region not far from Melnyky village. The lake cannot boast large size (1750 m by length, 1450 by width, 16 m deep), but impresses with its crystal clear waters, beautiful sand shores and soft bottom that explain the lake`s name translated as “Sandy”. The waters of Pisochne lake have natural healing powers due to the presence of silver particles and glycerin in their chemical composition. The picturesque area around Pisochne lake has numerous recreational complexes where many people come to improve their health and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the surroundings. There are such complexes as “Lisova pisnya”, “Medyk” and many other. However, people go to Pisochne lake not only for healthcare, but also for sunbathing and fishing. Tourists can rent a house or a room with all comforts in Melnyky village.

Lemuriyske Lake

lake with pink water and salt crystals on shore
This unique lake is located in Grygoryivka village of Kherson region in one of the lagoons of Sivash bay. Locals tell legend that in 1970s a military plane had crushed here, and then Lemuriyske lake appeared on the place of its explosion. This lake boggles imagination with its unique pink color, resulting from the activity of algae producing beta-carotene in the hot sunbeams. At low tide, the waters of Lemuriyske lake leave large amount of white salt “sand” on the shores. Salt crystals gather into “stalactites”, creating unforgettable landscape of this place. White shores and pink water make you feel like on another planet. Due to the large amount of salt in the lake, you can lay on the water reading a book or a newspaper just like in the famous Dead Sea. Besides, the waters of the pink lake, rich with minerals and salt, have positive effect on health. Those who want to spend some time by Lemuriyske lake may rent a room in the nearest village. Though the lake is located not far from the border with occupied Crimea, tourists have nothing to worry about: the area is safe and Ukrainian military division is deployed right nearby.

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Brebeneskul Lake

lake in mountains
Brebeneskul is the highest mountain lake of Ukraine located 1801 meters above the sea level. Those who wish to see this charming lake of glacial origin will have to go to Zakarpattya region to the territory of Chornohora natural resort. The highest Ukrainian lake lays here in a glacial cirque on the slope of Hutyn Tomnatyk mountain. Low-salt waters of Brebeneskul stay clear and cool all the year round. However, this lake is considered as the warmest one on Chornohora mountain chain. Interesting fact: the river with the same name – Brebeneskul – has its source in the lake. Those who reach Brebeneskul lake will be delighted by the magnificent beauty of Carpathian nature with its blooming crocuses and azaleas as well as by the freshest mountain air.

Radon Lake

radon lake in Ukraine
Radon lake is located near Migiya village in Mykolaiv region of Ukraine on the territory of Granite-steppe lands of Buh landscape park. The waters of this lake fill former granite quarry that has depleted its resources long time ago. The depth of Radon lake reaches 42 meters. Clear transparent waters of the lake are enriched with radon gas. Radon is a decomposition product of radium. It is a colorless transparent gas, which can be harmful for health in large amounts, but benefits to it if used in small doses. That is why radon water treatment is quite popular in resort therapy. In summertime, locals like to sunbath and swim in the lake, to organize picnics and to spend time with kids here. Tourists can observe the beautiful panorama of Radon lake from a comfortable observation platform. Those who love extreme often jump into the lake from the rocks of different height. However, it is safe: the lake does not have reefs. According to the local legend, a drowned excavator is buried somewhere at the lake bottom.

Kuyalnik Salty Estuary

seashore with wooden columns in water
Kuyalnyk estuary is a perfect place to have a rest on the beach and to take care of your health. The estuary is located in North East part of Odesa at the bottom of Zhevakhova mountain – only 13 km away from the railway station. Mother Nature has gifted this area with warm dry climate, large amounts of therapeutic mud and salty waters with healing powers. There are two versions of the origin of the word “Kuyalnyk”. The first one says that this is ancient Slavic word that means “quay”; the other version insists that “Kuyalnyk” originated from the Turkic word “kuyanlyk” – “dense” (because of the high concentration of salt in the water). Kuyalnyk estuary is famous not only for its curative mud and waters. It is also popular because of its mineral water from 90-meter deep chink used for treatment of many serious diseases.
Discover the little-known lakes of Ukraine – sources of natural beauty and healing powers.
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