10 Best Applications for Travelers

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In the XXI century, travelling became easy as never before. With just a smartphone, travelers can find everything required for a journey: routes, accommodation, transport, restaurants, events and even company. There are many useful travelling apps for every single need. Let`s check out 10 best applications to download on your smartphone before a trip.


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FLIO application has all information you might need before visit to any airport. It offers up-to-date data about departure and arrival time, changes of this time, terminals, flight delays and so on. Using this app, you can get unique offers from duty free shops, discounts for airport restaurants and cafes. You can also book visit to airports business halls or even a parking lot for your car. The application contains worthy information about services, Wi-Fi, lounges, transits and food spots.

City Maps to Go

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City Maps to Go is a gift for a traveler who visits a new city or town. This map allows to bookmark and save any interesting object in the city — sight, club, restaurant and so on. After saving an object, information, route and distance to it will be available even if you do not have internet connection. You can assign special color, add comment or photo to any of marked items. Users can also rate all objects.

Wi-Fi Map

If you are in urgent need for Internet, Wi-Fi Map application is at your service. This app will easily find Wi-Fi spots in any populated area (except maybe the smallest villages). Wi-Fi Map is actually a social media network, where users share their Wi-Fi passwords, so even if the spot is password-protected, you can ask members for access and connect! The app works also in offline mode.

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Facebook Local

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This application from Facebook will show you places and events nearby that you may be interested in. Just turn on your geolocation service, and you will see the closets cafes, restaurants, concerts and numerous events that are added to Facebook. As distinct from the standard search engine, Facebook Local allows you to sort events by relevance, date and topic. The app also offers calendar with notifications and events that you already follow.


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This service will show you diverse options of moving through Europe. You will learn about the most comfortable connections between cities and countries by trains, buses and planes. The application allows to finds the cheapest and the fastest options and to see the correlation of prices, routes, time of departure etc. The map shows detailed routes and length of the way by different kinds of transport.


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With Tripit app, you will forget about carrying around a large pack of papers to confirm your booking, tickets and rental. Just type in the number of flight and airlines name, and the app will automatically enter the rest of data: departure and arrival time, airports names, time of flight and even distance. Apart from information on flights, you can use Tripit for hotel booking or car rental. You will get a detailed plan of your trip with all required documents as a result. All electronic tickets as well as hotels and hostel booking data will be kept in the memory of this app. Tripit can also provide you with the information on the best route to your destination.


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OsmAnd is an application for travelling and navigation based on autonomous maps allowing to find way around in an unknown area, to search for interesting objects and routes to them and also to get different touristic information about these objects without using Internet connection.

Guides by Lonely Planet

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Guides by Lonely Planet is a text guide for more than 100 cities of the world, allowing users to choose a stroll purpose – what to see, where to eat, where to go on a concert or shopping etc. Guides by Lonely Planet works offline – just download the excursion you are interested in, and the network will work autonomously. The application has GPS-tracking, audio phrase book and reference section. The latter shows local currency rate, average prices for transport, food and accommodation, and even approximate budget per day.


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If you have ever been to the unpleasant situation when you forgot to put something essentially important in your bag before the trip, this app is the right choice for you. PackPoint will literally “pack” everything instead of you, preparing an accurate list of all the things you might need during your journey. Just set the destination that you are going to, and the application will provide you with the most useful recommendations taking into account the length of your trip, climate and current weather at the desired destination.

XE Currency

passport, map, caluclator, headphones and smartphone with open XE app
XE Currency is a reliable currency converter that is very popular among travelers. The application works on most mobile platforms and is regularly updated. The tools of XE Currency include converter, forex news, money transfer and currency data API services. Travelers can use the application offline: all information about currency rates received during the last Internet session is automatically saved in the app`s memory.
Travelling with the best mobile applications is easy and comfortable. Have a good journey!
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