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Lion statue and a church on the background in Lviv

Destinations.Ukraine offers you to look at Lviv through the eyes of famous Ukrainians, whose lives became intertwined with this charming city, as they share the favorite places of their childhood and youth.

Yaroslav Hrytsak, a historian, writer and professor at the Ukrainian Catholic University:

People chilling on the Halytska street in LvivHalytska Street was first mentioned in the records in 1382. Since those times, the street has not changed its name, which is unique for Lviv. Halytska was the starting point on the road from Lviv to Halych. I always say that this is the most normal street, to my taste. It has the largest concentration of coffee shops per square meter and people who walk this street never frown. (Smiles) People have a very nice way of saying that Lviv is a city where smoke from factory pipes is being replaced by coffee smoke.

Zoryana Kushpler, an opera singer, soloist of the Vienna Opera and native of Lviv:

Lviv Opera and fountainThe top five locations to visit in my native Lviv are the Opera Theatre (where I worked for many years and where my father Ihor Kushpler, an honored artist of Ukraine, leading singer of the Lviv Opera House and professor at the Lviv National Music Academy, used to sing), the Boim Chapel, a remarkable example of the late Renaissance architecture, Market Square, St. Yura's Cathedral, and the High Castle. I am happy that no matter what, Lviv coffee shops are always packed and that people remain open to communication. I observe how my native city develops and changes for the better. And this is wonderful!

Volodymyr Tsisaryk, the author of Lviv's landmark sculptures celebrating Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, kerosene lamp inventors Jan Zeh and Jan Lukasiewicz, Pablo Picasso and others:

Rynok Square in LvivMy favorite place in Lviv is Ploshcha Rynok. This is the heart of the city which has been setting its rhythm for over 500 years. Here, in the valley of the Poltva River, German colonists of the 14th century founded a classic European town with a classic market square on the instruction of King Casimir III the Great. The Polish king built the town using the most advanced construction technologies of the time and skilled builders and craftsmen from Germany.

In the centuries to come, the architecture of the square was perfected by Italian and Austrian designers. Ploshcha Rynok brings memories of my childhood because our family used to live here. Every day I would cross the square on my way to school. Years have passed and now my own family lives here. I am bringing up my sons here. Despite the crowds of tourists who swarm in the square every day, I always feel cozy here. This is my place of power.

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