4 New Touristic Routes Opened in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

ferris wheel in chornobyl in fall

Chornobyl city in Ukraine, ruined by the great nuclear catastrophe of 1986, annually attracts thousands tourists who want to experience the impressive post-apocalyptic atmosphere of this place. Recently, the four new routes have been developed in the Exclusion zone. The new ways pass through the interesting historical landmarks, the territory of archeological excavations and the grotesque landscapes of Chornobyl radiation ecologic biosphere reserve.

The new routes were planned according to the guests` wishes and considering all radiation safety norms. The most places included into the routes have already become the symbols of the Exclusion Zone. Now everyone interested has a chance to visit them and to know what Polissya was like before the disaster of 1986.
building in chornobyl

The route “Security desk “Dytiatky” – Bychky – Zamoshnya”

These route passes through 5 villages where you can still find traditional Polissya houses and facilities of the ХІХ century. The tourists that choose this route will see the active Chornobyl St. Nicholas nunnery, the remains of Old Believers` temples and graveyards (villages Zamoshnya and Bychky) and the place where steel was produced using bog ore (Rudnya-Veresnya village).

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The route “Chornobyl nuclear power plant – Yaniv Station– Novoshepelychy – Lub`yanka”

Travelling along this route, you will see abandoned train near Yaniv station, ritual cross on the road fork and the historical pine in the shape of trident that was transferred here from the Red forest. The tourists will see homestead of Sava Obrazhey – the last dweller of the 10-kilometer Exclusion zone, and many other buildings of the middle ХІХ – the beginning of the ХХ centuries.
old doll and gas masks in building in chornobyl

The route “Chornobyl – the left bank of Pripyat’ River – Ladyzhychi – Teremtsi”

This route will be definitely appreciated by those who enjoy river landscapes. The tourists will see the former ferry crossing across Pripyat` River, the place where Braginka River meets Pripyat` River, the unusual landscape of the entrance to the Dnipro River and the historical Chornobyl along with the traditional houses and facilities of the local dwellers.

The route “Annalistic Chornobyl of the Х-ХІІІ centuries”

Those who pick this touristic route will see Chornobyl castle of the ХVІІ–ХVІІІ centuries, the old cemetery, Dominican monastery of the ХVІІ century and archeological excavations.


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