Yavorivskyi National Park near Lviv

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Yavorivskyi national park was founded in 1998 in the Ukrainian part of Roztochya – a unique area in the west of the country, uniting traits of the Carpathian, Polissya and Podillya geographic regions. This picturesque half-moon-shaped park is located between Vereshytsia and Krekhiv villages in Lviv oblast. A combination of hilled landscapes, river valleys, cascades of lakes along with numerous archaeological and historical landmarks instantly wins the heart of all tourists who come here.

The territory of the park covers 7108 hectares. Yavorivskyi national park has an interesting relief uniting hills, ravines and bottomlands surrounded by the thick woods.


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The local forests can boast many kinds of trees: oaks, pines, cades, beeches and many other. The park`s rich flora includes many plants that are listed in the Red book, for example, snowdrops, forest lilies, valerian, fir clubmoss. By the way, here you can also find more than 200 medicinal herbs.


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The fauna of Yavorivskyi national park also impresses with wide variety of species. The woods of the park are inhabited by many rare animals such as marten, badger, ermine, fox, moose, tarpan and deer. As for the birds, Yavorivskyi national park is a homeland for numerous black swans, white-tailed eagles, lesser spotted eagles, gray cranes, owls. The park is also notable for its unique collection of insects. Many of them, such as musk beetle, moss carder bee, swallowtail, are mentioned in the Red Book.

Infrastructure and Landmarks

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On the park territory, tourists can not only enjoy beautiful landscapes, but also gather delicious berries and mushrooms during walking excursions. Yavorivskyi national park has all the required infrastructure: well-equipped beaches, places for hunting and fishing, awnings and outdoors grills.
The region where Yavorivskyi national park is located is known for many interesting archaeological, cultural and historical landmarks. Here tourists can find the remains of a Neolith encampment and settlements of the XIV century. On the territories adjacent to the park, you can pay a visit to Basilian monastery of St. Nicholas in Krekhiv (the ХVІІ-ХVІІІ centuries), Trinity Cathedral with bell-tower (1614) and Ascension of Christ Church (1831) in Ivano-Frankove town, Assumption Church (1739) in Lelekhivka. There is also an option to see an important geological landmark – Stradetska cave on Stradchanska mountain. In this cave, tourists can see a stone cross of the XI century and an old stone chair for confessions.

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There are several ecological routes laid through the park. The most popular routes are the following ones: “Vereshytsia”, “The Way of Ivan Franko”, “Goluby” and “Lelekhivka”. Hunting and fishing in the area of ecological routes are prohibited. The tourists are offered four bus excursion tours through the park: “Stradch – Black Lakes”, “From Yaniv to Krekhiv”, “Confession of Time” (the home of Szeptycki noble family), “Yavorivsky training range – past and present”. There are also plenty of thematic excursions, for example, science-related ones: “World of orchids in Yavorivskyi national park” , “Rare plants of Roztochya”, “Medicinal Herbs of Roztochya”, “To Bees for Health” and other.


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There are several recreational camps in the areas around Yavorivskyi national park where you can stay for a night or few days. Vereshytsia camp that is located in the similarly-named village is the most well-known of them. Here you will find well-equipped summer alcoves and cottages for rent, places for swimming and fishing, pierces where tourists can rent boat or catamaran, playground for kids.
There are many recreational zones in the villages Kozulka, Seredniy Gorb, Lelekhivka.
For example, the recreational zone in Seredniy Gorb village that is only 25 km away from Lviv. Here you will find a large lake covering the territory of 2 hectares, beautiful old trees and good places for picking mushrooms and berries.

How to Get There

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So how to travel to Yavorivskyi national park? You can easily go to Yavorivskyi national park from Lviv by car or bus. If you prefer car, you will have to go along Lviv – Novoyavirivsk highway for around 50 minutes. If you go by bus, you can pick one of the numerous buses going from “Yaniv graveyard” station in Lviv in the direction of Novoyavorivsk or Yaniv. The buses operate every 10-15 minutes. The administration of Yavorivskyi national park is situated in Ivano-Frankove town at the address 23, Zelena street.
A trip to Yavorivskyi national park is a chance to feel the warm embrace of Mother Nature and to see many worthy landmarks. Welcome!
Photo source: official Facebook page of Yavorivsky National Park. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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