Top 10 Tourist Destinations from Lviv

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While Lviv itself is a major tourist destination in Ukraine, it also becomes a new transportation hub between Eastern and Western Europe. Low-cost airlines regularly introduce new flights to Poland, Slovakia, England, Germany and much more.


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While Warsaw stays the leader in the number of tourists that travel from Lviv to Poland, Gdansk is worth mentioning as well. The reason for its popularity, apart from the cozy small city vibe, is that Gdansk is a port located on the Baltic coast. Numerous ships that harbor there take people in cruises across Europe or other continents.

Like in many Polish cities, the trademark of Gdansk is its colorful Main Town, full of fairytale-looking houses. The area hosts numerous restaurants and shops filled with souvenirs and amber, another trademark of the city. Landmarks in Gdansk can be toured in one day: take a walk in the city's 10-hectares Park Oliwa, visit 1560 Green Gate and take a walk to the 17th-century bronze Neptune Fountain. Gothic St Mary's Church is a stone throw away from there. Polish cuisine is similar to Ukrainian in many aspects: to name but a few, fried lard smalec, beetroot barszcz and stuffed cabbage leaves gołąbki are classic.

The low-cost flight to Lviv from Gdansk is provided by WizzAir. Currently, the one-way ticket starts at 55 euros.


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The classic tourist destination of England, London is connected with Lviv by low-cost airlines like WizzAir and Ryanair. The capital of England and the United Kingdom is one of the most-visited cities in the world, thanks to its rich history and business networks.

London's landmarks make it easy to make a thematic walking tour depending on your area of interest. Thus, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, which now hosts the Crown Jewels are must-visit for those who'd like to discover everything about the Royals. Soho district and Spitalfields Market are the shopping and dining mecca, filled with fashionable boutiques and top-notch restaurants. British cuisine available in London ranges from the classic street food like fish&chips to roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Cheap flights from Lviv to London are provided by low-cost airlines. At the moment, the price for a one-way ticket from Ryanair is 13 euros. WizzAir in its turn offers the same flight for 30 euros and higher.


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The German city Dortmund is, perhaps, not the first thing that comes to mind of many when they hear its name. Usually, it's the football team with the same name that pops up. It's not surprising given that Dortmund hosts the home stadium of the team, Westfalen Stadium. The city also boasts the German Football Museum with a multimedia exposition.

Apart from its prominent sports scene, Dortmund is also a quite green city: the huge Westfalenpark with a tower and an intriguing rotating cafe, Rombergpark botanical garden and the Emscher river are among its many natural spots. Kids adore visiting the Dortmund Zoo, which became home for more than 200 animals. The food specialties of the region are ham and cabbage soup Westphalian Grünkohl, and a beef stew with onions Pfefferpotthast. Naturally, German beer isn't something to be missed for the alcohol fans.

The flights from Lviv to Dortmund are operated by WizzAir. The one-way ticket price starts at 30 euros.


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One more German tourist destination from Lviv, Memmingen is a tiny Bavarian town that despite its size serves as the transportation hub of the region. Its good roads, railways and air connection make it the getaway to the neighboring Allgäu region, home to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.

While Memmingen is undeniably a connecting point between the regions, the town itself has things to see and do as well. For instance, the local Schwäbisches Bauernhofmuseum is an open-air exhibition of the regional Swabian culture. Schloss Kronburg located nearby has a large garden with deer and an Italian-style patio. Those looking for local art might want to check out the MEWO Kunsthalle. Finally, the spacious Memmingen Stadtpark is a place to relax at after the walking tour.

Flights to Memmingen from Lviv are available thanks to Ryanair. The price for a one-way ticket starts at 20 euros.


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The magical Krakow is located near the Czech-Polish border and is among the most-visited cities in Poland. Some state that Krakow is, essentially, the personification of Poland due to its medieval vibe and relaxed rhythm of life. Krakow's 13th-century large Main Square is the heart of the city. No matter where you turn from here, you will be surrounded by numerous landmarks like churches, palaces, and parks.

The city's small size is convenient for a walking tour: check out the main religious and architectural gems like the coronation site of Polish royals, the Wawel Cathedral, and the St. Mary's Basilica with a prominent Gothic watchtower. Kazimierz neighborhood is the place to seek for unique souvenirs and trendy bars: the Jewish quarter is nowadays home for local artists and talented bartenders. Krakow has a pretty strong beer scene, so local breweries like Ursa Maior are full of discoveries to be made. As for the food, try the famous pierogies, kielbasa, and potato pancakes.

Ryanair offers cheap flights to Krakow from Lviv - the price for a one-way ticket is as low as 10 euros.

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The capital of Italy is among the most popular and romantic places to travel from Lviv. Boasting good weather around the year, Rome is the getaway for those who want to enjoy art, history and delicious cuisine in one place. The city's landmarks are better viewed without rush in a couple days. The must-visits like Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon usually attract thousands of visitors a day, so it's better to buy a ticket online.

The Vatican and its gem, St Peters Basilica, is the largest church in the world designed by Michelangelo. Sistine Chapel, also located in the Vatican, has a trace left by Michelangelo as well - the intricate The Last Judgment fresco. Italian cuisine truly needs no introduction. Almost any cafe serves the hearty pasta like carbonara or pesto. Pizza, of course, is ever-present just like the strong cup of espresso. Drop by the Villa Borghese gardens to marvel at the local swans after dinner.

Flights Lviv - Rome are available thanks to low-cost Ernest Airlines. The price for a one-way ticket starts at 65 euros.


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The capital of Austria is a quite logical tourist destination from Lviv, given the strong historical ties between the two cities. Vienna is known as the city of intellectuals, art, and royalty. The legacy of Mozart and Beethoven is carefully preserved here and cherished nowadays. Just like in Lviv, the Vienna State Opera is the place that attracts visitors, whether they want to see just the architecture or attend the performances.

Due to the distances in the city, it's better to take the car to look at everything in Vienna if you're staying for one day: the chief landmarks are located in a 10-minute drive from each other. Pop by the 18th-century rococo Schönbrunn Palace and the same-century Karlskirche, the main church in Vienna. The Baroque Belvedere is a must-visit for lovers of art, as it hosts the Museum of Medieval Austrian Art and a Klimt collection. Wiener Schnitzel, goulash, Sachertorte, and, of course, apple strudel are the classic dishes to search in the local restaurants and cafes. Like Lviv, Vienna has a strong coffee culture and numerous cafes.

The non-stop flights to Vienna from Lviv are provided by Austrian Airlines. The price starts at 110 euros for a one-way ticket.


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Istanbul is often called the bridge between Europe and Asia due to the city's connection to the Bosphorus Strait. The rich history of reigns is reflected in Istanbul's architecture: you will find mosques, Christian churches, and the Roman-era Hippodrome. The gem of Istanbul is Hagia Sophia - once a Christian cathedral and an Ottoman mosque, nowadays the huge architectural monument is one of the most-visited museums in Istanbul. The church was built in 537 A.D. and survived since the Middle Ages.

Another prominent religious monument is Sultan Ahmed Mosque built in 1616, soaring high with six minarets and thirteen domes. In Turkey, bargaining is somewhat of a national sport - practice at the city's Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar, filled with jewelry, leather, textile and spices. Among the classics of Turkish cuisine to try in Istanbul are the Turkish-style omelet Menemen, a set cold starters called meze, and lüfer - freshly-caught fish from the Bosphorus. Top it off with the classic local beverage, anise-flavored raki.

Turkish airlines operate a non-stop Lviv - Istanbul flight. The one-way ticket costs 99 euros.


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Naturally, the list of popular tourist destinations from Lviv wouldn't be complete without Warsaw. The capital of Poland is often attractive to those using it as a transportation hub in the further travels. Sure enough, just like Memmingen, it has plenty of places to see on its own. The city has a pretty traditional for Poland Old Town district, filled with numerous colorful houses, traditional cafes and museums.

Warsaw, in fact, swarms with the museums for any age and area of interest: while adults and history lovers might be interested in Warsaw Uprising and History of Polish Jews museums, kids may explore the multimedia Copernicus Science Centre. Łazienki Park, which hosts the 18th-century royal palace, is among the favorite local's places to relax at.

The flights to Warsaw from Lviv are operated by Ryanair. The price for a one-way ticket starts at 18 euros.


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Finally, Bratislava and Lviv will soon be connected with a low-cost flight thanks to WizzAir airlines. The capital of Slovakia is a perfect destination for those who enjoy the old European vibe, trendy bars and luxurious nature for long hikes. The city's most prominent feature is that it is pedestrian-only, so a walking tour around the best landmarks is a logical way to get around. Start at the marvelous Baroque Bratislava Castle, located on the hill that provides a good view on the city and Danube. Right nearby lay the 13th-century Gothic St Martin's Cathedral and the Old Town Hall, which casts light on Bratislava's history.

Devín Castle located 25 minutes away from the center offers the medieval remnants of the old castle and magnificent vista of the Danube. Those who'd like to concentrate on hiking might be interested in going to the Devínska Kobyla - located in a half-an-hour ride from the center, this 300-meter mount has a lush green forest and an abandoned military base on its peak. After the hike, indulge in the local cuisine: traditional Slovakian halusky or potato pancakes topped off with Slovakian wine.

The Lviv - Bratislava flight by WizzAir will be launched at the end of October. The price for a one-way ticket starts at 15 euros.

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