Best Places for Romantic Dating in Kyiv

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It's always a good idea to carefully plan a romantic date. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or simply spicing up another weekend, Kyiv offers great amount of romantic places for that special date.

Let us leave the traditional dinner and a movie date nights for the second part of the article. While there's nothing wrong with those types of dates, they can get a little predictable which, in turn, can take a toll on your relationship. That's why sometimes, a couple's gotta be resourceful and think about some seriously romantic date ideas.

couple holding hands in autumn park

The hot days of summer may be well behind us, but that doesn't mean it's time to pack in the outdoor romantic activities quite yet. The colors, the crisp air, the pumpkin spice lattes… Crisp fall days are already here, they lend themselves perfectly to throwing on a sweater and setting off for romantic walks and picnics in the park. Mariyinsky Park and Kyiv National Botanical Garden are perfect place for first date in Kyiv. Do you know that Kyiv Botanical Garden (1, Timeryazevsla street. Kyiv Botanical Garden, Druzhba Norodov Station) has opened an aroma garden section recently? 
Here the visitors will have a chance to experience unique palette of herbal and flower fragrances. A separate area in the botanical garden now accommodates lush groves of thyme, rosemary, lemon blossom, basil and lavender. Guests of Grushko Botanical Garden can enjoy the fragrant experiences until early days of winter. Take a blanket, sandwiches and hot mulled wine in tumblers with you to enjoy your lunch on manicured green lawns surrounded by vibrant autumn colors.

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Ordering some fine take-out lunch from the best street food vendors in Kyiv, stocking up on mulled wine or hot coffee and taking a leisurely stroll along Podil or Obolon quay is also a good idea for a romantic date in Kyiv. Take a long walk together. You don't need a destination because you have each other.

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In case it’s first date and the possibility that you’ll have to do all the talking and entertaining just ramp up your anxiety, go on a museum date. Staring at things instead of talking can be a great option for the first date. You can also have a coffee date. It's super casual and no one will feel extra pressure a fancy candlelit dinner can bring. Kyiv offers a great selection of coffee shops and cafes to enjoy a pleasant relaxed chat with your sweetheart.

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In case you are looking for some really impressive scenarios for your date in Kyiv, book a hot air balloon ride. A hot air balloon ride is both thrilling and serene, especially in autumn, when nature is burning with all shades of red and yellow. It is a perfect option for a romantic date or special occasion celebration. Hop into a basket and venture on a hot air balloon flight where you can see beautiful Kyiv from a totally unique perspective.

loving couple after air balloon ride

For a less noisy take on your standard live music experience, slip into a jazz lounge to take in the sounds of a lively jazz band. While Kyiv’s jazz scene isn’t on a par with other European cities yet, it does offer a growing selection of venues to get your soulful fix. Great live gigs, relaxed atmosphere and late-night jams. Bonus points if you're at a speakeasy that specializes in unique cocktails and bites. Check out «Destinations»’s round up of top 5 jazz clubs in Kyiv that would make a perfect location for a date night in the city.

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Set off for an exotic gastronomic journey for your date in Kyiv. Tasting new dishes of exotic cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Arabian, etc. can be fun and romantic experience to share. If both of you are into traveling and trying out new things, this is a good alternative to a conventional European style restaurant dinner.

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Elegant and subdued, the romantic dinner at a classy restaurant sets exactly the right mood for an intimate meeting and for the decades is the number one option for a perfect date night. Luckily, Kyiv restaurant and bar scene is booming and the selection of classy venues will satisfy even the most spoilt foodies. It’s always exciting to discover a city from above… Kyiv makes no exception with its spectacular monuments and landmarks. A rooftop terrace, fine wine and delicious food is a perfect idea for a romantic date in the capital of Ukraine. For a classier night of relaxation, get yourself to one of Kyiv's best rooftop restaurants or bars. Here, you'll find swish cocktails, plush lounges and gourmet dishes, not to mention a front-row seat to the most beautiful skyline in Ukraine.

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Whether you are planning a romantic weekend getaway in Kyiv or looking for Valentine’s Day ideas, here’s «Destinations»’ pick of Kyiv's the most romantic things to do as a couple. From romantic restaurants to fun date ideas, find the best options for your perfect date.

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