Family Activities on Winter Holidays: Useful Tips

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Long winter holidays is the right period to spend time with your loved ones. Being busy with work and daily routine, we often postpone exciting activities that we could do with our families and friends. Luckily, New Year and Christmas days are a great chance to catch up. Check out some good ideas of how to have fun during festive wintertime.

Decorate Your Home

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Home is a special place where we feel protected and can be ourselves. Therefore, it is reasonable to invest some efforts into making it as cozy and lovely as possible. In the period of winter holidays, parents and children can get together and decorate their apartment with beautiful holiday stuff: Christmas tree with toys, Christmas stockings for Santa`s gifts, garlands producing magic colorful lights, burning candles and many other. There are no limits in this case – just use your creativity and fantasy.

Go Ice Skating or Sliding

people skating on ice rink
Winter is not the reason to give up active lifestyle. What makes winter holidays the most exciting time (apart from Christmas and New Year celebration)? Of course, winter sports! Even if you don`t do such extreme kinds of sports as snowboarding or freeride skiing, you can always stick to the good old ice skating or sliding. Just find an ice skating rink in your city, invite family and friends, and have a good time. If you have never tried ice skating, it will be a good chance to start. Or take a sledge, go to the nearest park that has snowy hills and enjoy sliding with the crowd of merry kids that you will surely meet there.

Bake a Cake

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Cooking is an exciting activity, even if you are not a professional chef. Why not to try baking an appetizing festive cake with your kids or friends? The process of choosing ingredients, mixing them and baking your delicious cake in an oven will definitely become a worthy experience. And then comes that special moment when you try your culinary masterpiece, enjoying the taste of fruits, jam, cinnamon, honey, cream or whatever else you have added… Bon appetite!

Go to a Festive Fair

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In Christmas and New Year time, festive fairs pop up in every single city and town. These special areas create what is called “holiday atmosphere”. In lovely decorated wooden cabins of these fairs, you can find plenty of wonders: toys, souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, tasty food, hot drinks and more. Also, the programs of Christmas fairs almost always include different kind of attractions, workshops and other entertainment activities so that both kids and grown-ups could have much fun.

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Play Bowling or Billiard

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Apart from typical Christmas and New Year activities, let`s not forget about indoor games that are popular all the year round – billiards and bowling. Playing them are much fun, especially in winter when we are limited in outdoor leisure options. Just choose a good restaurant with billiards or take a bowling lane in some of the malls, invite your friends and enjoy your time. If someone doesn`t know how to play, the others will teach him/her – that will add some funny moments to the evening.

Make a Snowman

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Winter is the only time of the year when we can enjoy snow, so let`s not waste it. Snow is good not only in terms of keeping magic holiday atmosphere and opening opportunities for doing winter sports. It also gives us a chance to make something special – for example, a cute snowman or even an ice princess. This activity will entertain the whole family – both children and grown-ups can be involved. Put on your warm clothes and let the imagination do its job, decorating your snowman or snowlady with funny accessories. When snowman is ready, do not forget to take nice pictures to remember the moments of joy.

Prepare Hot Drinks

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There are many ways to warm up in cold days, and drinking a cup of something hot and fragrant is one of the most pleasant ones. The drink will be especially tasty if prepared by your own hands for your kids, friends or beloved one. Sweet cocoa and chocolate for children, delicious coffee, tea, mulled wine or grog for grown-ups – there are plenty of options to choose from. Mix all the ingredients and do not forget to add a pinch of your love – this will tinge drink with unforgettable flavor.
We hope that these tips will help you to start the year in a relaxed and refreshing way. Happy holidays!
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