Astronomical Events 2019

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In the new 2019 year, the starry sky above is going to surprise us with plenty of miraculous astronomic events. Mysterious solar and moon eclipses, rare transit of Mercury, star shower and the bloody Moon – any of these space phenomena is a good reason to look up for a while. So when the wonders of the Universe will show up this year?

January 6: Partial Solar Eclipse

partial solar eclipse
The NASA reports that the New Year will start with the grand event – partial solar eclipse between the Earth and the Sun. Unfortunately, this eclipse will not be visible in Ukraine. Only those who live in the Northern regions of Asia will be able to see it around 8.40 PM.

January 21: Bloody Moon

red moon
In the end of January, we will have a chance to see one of the most fascinating astrological events – so-called “bloody Moon”. The NASA informs that on this day the Moon will come really close to the Earth so it will look much larger and brighter than usual. When our planet and its satellite come into one position, the sunbeams passing through the Earth`s atmosphere will paint the Moon in red color. This event can be observed in Ukraine around 5-7 AM.

May 6: Eta Aquariids Star Shower

star shower upon structure on water at night
Eta Aquariids meteor shower has formed from the dust left by Halley`s Comet that flied near the Earth in 1986. Since then, the star shower appears in the sky every year, pleasing the viewers` eyes with unforgettable beauty. This year there will be a new moon two days before the event, so the sky will become darker letting to see the shower with the naked eye. Though Eta Aquariids are active in the period from April 19 till May 26, the peak of the shower is on May 6 (around 3 AM Eastern time). At this time, the shower will produce 20-40 meteor per hour or even more.

July 16-17: Partial Lunar Eclipse

moon in the sky
In the middle of summer 2019, we will have a chance to observe partial lunar eclipse. This event will be visible in the South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. In Ukraine we will be able to see the event from 22 PM of July 16 till 2 AM of July 17.

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August 13: Perseids Star Shower

meteor shower upon mountains
There are several star showers that happen during a year on particular dates, and Perseids shower is one of them. This phenomenon, created by Swift-Tuttle Comet, is considered as the main star shower of the summertime. Viewers can expect around 110 falling stars per hour! The first Perseids meteors appears in the sky on July 17, and the last one shines on August 24. However, on the night of August 12-13 the meteor flow will be in its full power, delighting us with breathtaking view.

November 11: Mercury Transit across the Sun

telescopes under night starry sky
Mercury, the smallest planet of the solar system, passes between the Earth and the Sun only 13 times per century. The last time this event took place in 2016. This year, transit will happen for more than 5 hours. Those who look at the sky through telescope will be able to see Mercury as a small spot against the Sun. In Ukraine the event will be visible in the period from 5 till 8 PM.

December 26: Annular Solar Eclipse

solar eclipse
This unique astronomic event happens when the angular dimensions of the Moon become smaller than those of the Sun so it looks like the Sun emerges from behind its satellite. In the end of 2019 such eclipse will start in the morning and will be visible above Arabian Peninsula and the South Asia.
Note: please remember that it is prohibited to watch any kind of solar eclipse without eyes protection.
This is only a small part of all wonders of the cosmos… Just imagine how much treasures are still there to explore!
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