Multiland: A New Multimedia Kids Amusement Center in Kyiv

Robots multimedia center

This winter a new multimedia center for kids was opened in РайON shopping mall located on the left bank of the Dnipro River. Multiland uses VR and other technologies to improve kids' mental and physical development - all in a fun way.

Multiland amusement center is based on the play-and-learn principle when kids can improve their fine motor skills, concentration and creativity. Thanks to the technology of VR projection, no glasses or special equipment is needed in the center - kids control the multimedia space through their actions and physical objects. Besides, sensors and cameras are placed in a way that allows dozens of people to interact with multimedia objects at the same time.
An interactive sandboxThe so-called interactive sandbox has recently become popular in many countries and now is available in Ukraine. The tank filled with natural sand has a projection that responds to changing terrain by changing colors. The game can help with motor skills development via tactile stimulation.
A light-sand tableOne more multimedia element in Multiland that involves sand is the light-sand table. The simple idea of drawing with sand on the lit-tables can help with reducing stress, aggression, enhancing joint development and, of course, creativity. Floors and walls in Multiland are also filled with multimedia elements that teach teamwork and cooperation skills. For instance, kids can play football on a field with a digital ball or catch huge bugs with a stick on the wall projection.
Kid with an Interactive tableInteractive tables made from eco-friendly materials also call for creativity - the smart table can serve as a field for playing, a drawing canvas, a musical instrument, or a huge screen for watching videos depending on the child's wishes. The item supports up to ten users at the same time. 
Neon satine showFinally, a neon show - a myriad of multicolored ribbons that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow in the ultraviolet and LED bulbs - occupied its own separate room. Kids and adults will have a chance to go through the neon ribbon maze and have fun in the ever-sparkling room.

Admission fees

The admission price depends on the weekday. On Mon-Fri, a 1-hour pass costs UAH 120, a 3-hour pass costs UAH 160 and an unlimited pass costs UAH 180. As for weekends and holidays, 1-hour pass costs UAH 150, a 3-hour pass costs UAH 180 and an unlimited pass costs UAH 200. There's also a special price for a group ticket order for more than 15 kids.

Address: РайON Shopping Mall (4, Mykoly Lavrukhina Street)
Working hours: daily, 10 A.M. - 10 P.M.

Photo source: Multiland website and Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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