From Odesa to Europe: 5 Weekend Destinations


Odesa boasts numerous new flights to Turkish resorts. What about Europe? Luckily, some popular European tourist destinations have convenient flights from Odesa.


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While Warsaw seems the most obvious travel destination from Lviv, flights to the capital of Poland are available from Odesa as well. Warsaw is often attractive to those using it as a transportation hub in the further travels. Sure enough, just like Memmingen in Germany, it has plenty of places to see on its own.

The city has a pretty traditional for Poland Old Town district, filled with numerous colorful houses, traditional cafes and museums. Warsaw, in fact, swarms with the museums for any age and area of interest: while adults and history lovers might be interested in Warsaw Uprising and History of Polish Jews museums, kids may explore the multimedia Copernicus Science Centre. Łazienki Park, which hosts the 18th-century royal palace, is among the favorite local's places to relax at.

The most popular hotels in Warsaw are Ibis Budget Warszawa Reduta, Airport Hotel Okecie, Ibis Budget Warszawa Centrum, Polonia Palace Hotel and Mercure Warsaw Grand, according to TripAdvisor. LOT offers non-stop flights from Odesa to Warsaw for as low as UAH 4500 for a round trip.


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The capital of Italy steadily lures in tourists from all over the globe no matter the season. Boasting good weather around the year, Rome is the getaway for those who want to enjoy art, history and delicious cuisine in one place. The city's landmarks are better viewed without rush in a couple days. The must-visits like Coliseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon usually attract thousands of visitors a day, so it's better to buy a ticket online.

The Vatican and its gem, St Peters Basilica, is the largest church in the world designed by Michelangelo. Sistine Chapel, also located in the Vatican, has a trace left by Michelangelo as well - the intricate The Last Judgment fresco. Italian cuisine truly needs no introduction. Almost any cafe serves the hearty pasta like carbonara or pesto. Pizza, of course, is ever-present just like the strong cup of espresso. Drop by the Villa Borghese gardens to marvel at the local swans after dinner.

Hotel Artemide, Hotel Raffaello, Boutique Hotel Campo de Fiori, Hotel Italia and Best Western Plus Hotel Universo are the top 5 popular hotels in Rome on TripAdvisor. Ukraine International Airlines and Turkish Airlines offer flights to Rome from Odesa with one stop in Kyiv or Istanbul. The price starts at UAH 10000 for a round trip.


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Istanbul is often called the bridge between Europe and Asia due to the city's connection to the Bosphorus Strait. The rich history of reigns is reflected in Istanbul's architecture: you will find mosques, Christian churches, and the Roman-era Hippodrome.

The gem of Istanbul is Hagia Sophia - once a Christian cathedral and an Ottoman mosque, nowadays the huge architectural monument is one of the most-visited museums in Istanbul. The church was built in 537 A.D. and survived since the Middle Ages. Another prominent religious monument is Sultan Ahmed Mosque built in 1616, soaring high with six minarets and thirteen domes.

In Turkey, bargaining is somewhat of a national sport - practice at the city's Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar, filled with jewelry, leather, textile and spices. Among the classics of Turkish cuisine to try in Istanbul are the Turkish-style omelet Menemen, a set of cold starters called meze, and lüfer - freshly-caught fish from the Bosphorus. Top it off with the classic local beverage, anise-flavored raki.

Among the hotels in demand are Basileus Hotel, Elite World Business, Hotel Amira Istanbul, Swissotel The Bosphorus and Florya House Hotel. Non-stop flights from Odesa to Istanbul are operated by Onur Air, Ukraine International Airlines and Turkish Airlines. The price is as low as UAH 4730 for a round trip.


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The capital of the Netherlands is often described as the world's freest city and attracts backpackers that stay in the city's numerous hostels. Some come to Amsterdam to visit its nightlife, while others enjoy its art and history. Van Gogh Museum is, without doubts, one of the most visited landmarks in Amsterdam. The museum showcases the world's largest collection of art pieces by the legendary artist.

The nearby Rijksmuseum encompasses artworks of the Dutch Golden Age as well as items from European collection. History fans usually head straight for Anne Frank House, where the little girl and her family hid from the Nazis during the WWII. Leidseplein is just the place for those who seek bustling nightlife - the area is full of bars, clubs and theaters hosting art gigs and live music concerts.

XO Hotels Couture, Ambassade Hotel, Hotel Estherea, WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam and XO Hotels Park West are top 5 popular hotels in Amsterdam according to TripAdvisor. Ukraine International Airlines, Austrian Airlines and LOT offer flights from Odesa to Amsterdam with one stop. The price starts at UAH 6100 for a round trip.


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The capital of the Czech Republic is frequently visited by Ukrainians from all over the country, including Odesa. The Czech city boasts access to water with the Vltava River that divides Prague into two banks. The city's architectural style might seem gloomy to some, yet altogether it gives a rich Gothic European vibe.

The heart of the city is Old Town Square full of colorful buildings and Gothic churches. Its main landmark, the 600-year old Astronomical Clock always gathers tourists for a show. Another prominent city landmark is the St. Vitus Cathedral which is not only a sacred spot but also a work of art. Its stained glass windows are made by the famous art-nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. The Charles bridge is one more spot in Prague that often ends up on the viral travel Instagram accounts: the best time to come here is at the crack of dawn when the bridge is covered in mist and stays blissfully desolate.

Local Czech cuisine restaurants serve classics like guláš, knedlíky dumplings, and sweet alačinky pancakes. TripAdvisor suggests Park Inn Hotel Prague, Don Giovanni Hotel Prague, Hotel Pod Vezi, Grandior Hotel Prague, Hotel Residence Agnes as the most popular venues in Prague. Odesa-Prague flights are operated by Ukraine International Airlines, Austrian Airlines and LOT. The price starts at UAH 5000 for a round trip.

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