Spring 2019 Weekend Destinations around Kyiv

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Spring is a time of change, movement and new energy. This is also a great chance to learn more about Ukraine, and sometimes it’s enough to go to some weekend trip around Kyiv to get new impressions and knowledge about the country.


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A trip to Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky from Kyiv can be the best holiday travel. This is one of the most ancient towns of Kievan Rus, the capital of the historical Pereyaslav principality. It is also an open-air historical museum. There are various expositions that will allow combining a cultural program with outdoor recreation.
How to get there: by road on your own car or by bus (drive for more than an hour, approximately 75–90 km, H08 and E40 or H08 and P03 routes). Buses from Kyiv to Pereyaslav regularly travel from Chernigivska, Poznyaki and Kharkivska metro stations as well as from Boryspil.
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Travel to Korostyshiv and Korostyshivsky pits from Kyiv for a weekend is a good option for outdoor activities in the spring and in the warm season. The small town has its own attractions, as well as an old church. But the numerous pits with clear blue water and amazing landscapes are the real pearls of this destination.
How to get there: by shuttle buses from Zhitomyrska metro station, which go directly to the city or from Korostyshiv to Zhytomyr. The distance is 95 km (highway E40 / M06). Journey lasts no more than an hour.
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The town of Radomyshl attracts its visitors with a castle-museum with Ukrainian icons from all regions of the country, a picturesque park and a restaurant with authentic Ukrainian cuisine located in the museum. There is also a famous “Radomyshl beer complex”, where in 1886 the classic Czech beer “Pilsner” was produced.
How to get there: by your own car for more than 100 km along the E40 / M06 highway. Approximate travel time is one and a half hours.
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Chernihiv is the legendary and mysterious town. It welcomes all the guests who want to touch with his/her own hands the multitude of its incredible sights, many of which are more ancient than Kyiv. A huge number of monasteries and churches with their history and grandeur, beautiful parks and fountains will make this weekend trip from Kyiv to Chernihiv unforgettable. By the way, not far from Chernihiv there is one more interesting destination worth visiting - Liubech, the ancient town of Kievan Rus.
How to get there: on your own car or shuttle bus from the Chernigovskaya metro station (approximately 1 h 35 min / 130 km) on the M01 highway.
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Kaniv attracts with its picturesque views of the Dnipro River and, of course, the museum of the greatest poet of Ukraine - Taras Shevchenko. The tomb of the “Ukrainian prophet” is located in the museum, to which everyone who appreciates and loves the work of Kobzar comes to worship. Don’t forget to take a camera while visiting the sights of Kaniv. Here you will get wonderful and atmospheric photos.
How to get there: buses run to Kaniv run from the bus station at "Vydubichi" metro station every hour. The distance of about 130 km you will overcome in about 2 hours.
If you don’t know what to do in Kyiv for the weekend, take a trip to some picturesque small towns around the capital and enjoy the spring.
Photos: depositphotos.com, unsplash.com, Anna Vishtak

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