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If you are planning to visit Ukraine, you may find yourself at a loss about the local phone service. Find out about the most convenient tariff plans and where to purchase a prepaid sim card in Ukraine.

Whether you are looking for a decent mobile service for yourself or your friends, it is necessary to remember that you need a prepaid sim card while in Ukraine. Some sellers may offer you a monthly contract - this isn’t your case. Be sure to sign up at the store of your chosen operator (if you shop online) or ask for a prepaid option at the phone company shops. You can find selling spots at the Boryspil Airport in terminals B and F, as well as in Kyiv downtown: in tech shops, street stands, press kiosks and supermarkets. Prices usually vary, depending on the tariff plan you choose, but as a rule monthly service will cost you less than USD 5. Let’s see for the top-3 operators in Ukraine:


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Dubbed as «life:)», lifecell is a company owned by an international mobile service operator Turkcell. The hottest choice in Ukraine, lifecell is popular due to variety of tariffs and fast Internet, with speed in 3G+ network reaching 63.3 Mbit/s. The company’s site, as well as service in shops, is available in English. If you are the one to call often and prefer to hear your friends or colleagues, you may be interested in «International Life» tariff plan. For about 75 cents per 25 min in a package lasting for 30 days, you will be able to reach anyone worldwide, including popular hits like the USA, Poland, Germany, China, Israel and Great Britain. For those who prefer texting and apps, «Smartphone 3G+» is the best choice. The tariff varies depending on the variety of services. For instance, S-sized package with a nice deal of first month free service includes 2GB of Internet, unlimited minutes among lifecell users, 100 minutes for other networks, free usage of social networks, and 100 sms within Ukraine - all for 2 USD per month. Find out the details at lifecell web-site.


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Also known as МТС, it is another admired option among locals. On their English site you can sign up and subscribe for tariffs up to your liking. The two most popular tariffs come for the price under USD 3. The newly-introduced Vodafone Unlim 3G Plus, which you may have seen in ad with popular Ukrainian singer Onuka, includes unlimited 3G data, unlimited calls within the network and 100 minutes for calls in Ukraine. Besides, it is convenient for those who often travel whether for business or pleasure - roaming in Europe costs only USD 2 per 3 days. The price for the package is about USD 3 per 4 weeks of service. The basic option, Vodafone RED, includes 4 GB of data, unlimited calls within network, 75 minutes in Ukraine and 25 to foreign destinations. It will cost you about USD 2 per month. To choose what fits you the best, visit official Vodafone shops or subscribe on their English web-site.


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Another approved option for a prepaid sim card in Ukraine, this operator with 20-year history has 3G coverage nearly in every spot imaginable. It is no surprise company’s main focus is Internet usage. The three pre-paid options all offer unlimited calls within Kyivstar network and data starting from 2 GB. «Kyivstar Online» will suit those who use Internet mostly for social communication, via networks or chat apps. With 2 GB (and bonus 1 GB), unlimited traffic for 6 online services, including Facebook and Twitter, will cost you about USD 2 per month. For music lovers, «Kyivstar Online+» offers 4 GB of data with 2 GB bonus, and 8 unlimited traffic services for USD 4 per month. Finally, those who want to enjoy both options as well as video, «Kyivstar Online Extra» covers 6GB with 3 GB bonus data, and 11 unlimited online services - for USD 6 per month. You can find out more on Kyivstar’s English web-site.
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