Planning a Wedding in Lviv

Planning a Wedding in Lviv

Lviv is a beautiful city and many brides and grooms come here from all over Ukraine as well as from abroad to have their weddings. Fall is a wedding season in Ukraine, so Lviv hosts numerous wedding celebrations. Organizing the wedding in Lviv can get quite challenging as it would require a lot of time and resources. «Destinations» rounds up some handy pieces of advice about how to plan your dream wedding in Lviv.

The wedding planning business in Lviv is booming. Wedding planners and companies who deal with all «wedding» things keep popping up all over the city. The range of services and prices vary, depending on the overall budget of the wedding. Among the most popular wedding planers in Lviv are the following ones: Mopis Event, Gal Wedding, IREN wedding planner and consultant, Weddison wedding decor agency. A good piece of advice before sticking to the certain one would be to contact a few and ask about the prices for the services you are interested in and then to compare the fees. Sometimes, same service (flowers, candy bar, live music etc) can cost impressively different amount of money in different wedding planning agencies. When contracting the wedding planner in Lviv you can get good discounts on some services, however, the wedding agency fee itself would be no less than USD 1000 for a wedding.
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Photo: GalWedding team, one of the best and most experienced wedding planning agency in Lviv. 
If you don’t want to splurge on wedding planners and organize your wedding yourself, the only advice would be start the panning early. And by this we mean really early. Many couples in Lviv start to book wedding venues as early as one or one year and a half before their wedding date. Among the most popular and most beautiful locations to have your wedding in Lviv are the following ones: Edem Resort Complex near Lviv (which is also the most expensive wedding venue in Ukraine), Kavalier Boutique Hotel, Citadel Inn Hotel, Panska Gora Restaurant.

Video: wedding at Edem Resort and Spa Complex near Lviv
Flowers are the essential part of every wedding. There are many companies in Lviv these days which offer flower arrangements, bride’s bouquet and other floral accessories. You can easily sent them the designs you’d like to have on your wedding (create a mood-board on pinterest) and ask to calculate the total cost. Usually, florists will charge from 10 to 30 percent for their services from the overall amount of the order.

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Photo: MYATA florists and decorators. 
As for the wedding dinner, restaurants will usually allow to bring your own alcohol and desserts. Restaurants usually calculate the average price per guest for the wedding dinner and you just have to multiply this price by guests number on your wedding reception. Some restaurants will charge the cork fee per every bottle of alcohol brought to the restaurant and the service fee (from 10 to 20 % from the total price of wedding dinner). The desserts and wedding cake can be ordered from the professional caterers, there are a lot of such companies in Lviv these days (Bilka, Liguminka, Shoco).

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«Destinations» hopes that you’ll find and save some useful information about planning your beautiful wedding in Lviv after reading this feature.

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