Quest Rooms in Lviv

Quest Rooms in Lviv

Photo: pinterest.comQuest rooms in Lviv is a relatively new and very popular activity to spend some fun and exciting time with friends and family. Quest Room is a real-life escape game where teams of two to six players have to race against time to escape from a locked room ...or a series of rooms, using only logic and teamwork.

Quest rooms or escape rooms is a new exciting live escape game in which you need to pool your combined skills to solve problems and unravel mysteries. It will hold you captive, unless you work as a team to earn your freedom.
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Once you enter the escape room, you will get inside an exciting themed game. There is no way out. Looking closer, you’ll find clues which will lead you back to the outside world.
You have 60 to 90 minutes depending on the escape room’s complexity.
Spend that time wisely. Every inch of the cell can be concealing a step to escape, and you and your fellow inmates need to use your different abilities and talents together.

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There is a number of various companies that offer escape room quests in Lviv. Escape Quest company offers over 20 differently themed quest rooms in Lviv of different complexity. There is also Enigma and Secretorum quest companies that offer a smaller variety of escape rooms, however all of them are well equipped and with interesting themes. Escape rooms in Lviv also offer gift cards for quest games in any room at any convenient time, which will make a perfect present for your friends and family.


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