Romantic Places to Visit in Ukraine

Romantic Places to Visit in Ukraine

There are simply some places, some kinds of adventures, that make us want to fall in love. And even more so when traveling with someone who’s precious to your heart. Discover the best romantic places to visit in Ukraine with the arrival of the summer season.

The Pink Lake

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The Pink Lake is located in Grygorivka village, Kherson Region in Ukraine. Locals call this lake the Ukrainian Dead Sea. It is truly a natural miracle as the waters of the lake have a tender pink color. The percentage of sea salt in the water reaches 35%. Rich in sulphur and an array of other minerals, these waters are considered to have endless health and beauty benefits.
This is also a popular summer destination for many Ukrainians, that is why it’s better to visit this lake in mid or late spring or early fall to avoid the crowds of tourists and enjoy the beauty of this natural miracle.
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Bugsky Guard National Natural Park

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Bugsky Guard National Natural Park was established in 2009; it lies in the picturesque valley of the Southern Bug in the Mykolaiv region. The park proudly holds a title of one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.The territory of the Bugski Guard Park is one of the oldest dry land sites in Eurasia, which has not been touched by the sea for over 60 million years.
These days Bugsky Guard is a real magnet for tourists, photographers, and lovers of extreme sports. One of Europe’s most popular rapids for whitewater rafting is located here. And mountain and rock climbers have chosen the Aktovsky canyon walls as a training ground. This place will awe you with the untouched beauty of nature and breathtaking views.
Bugsky Guard Natural Park is located near Migiya village in Mykolayiv region. It’s a good idea to book a guided tour to the natural park from Mykolayiv at numerous local travel agencies.

Sholokhiv Waterfall

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Sholokhiv Waterfall is located in Dnipro region. It is also known as the “Red Rocks” waterfall as it is surrounded by picturesque red-hued rocks. The length of the waterfall is about 14 m (46 ft); the waterfall consists not only of the cascades, which reach heights of 1.5 m (5 ft), but also of the rapids and granite “baths”, which are its highlights. The best time to visit Sholokhiv Waterfall is spring, when the torrents are particularly affluent. The waterfall is located a short drive away from Tokivske village, Nikopol District, Dnipro Region.

Bakota Bay

Formerly a fortified town in the Principality of Galicia-Volyn’, Bakota was first mentioned in the Hypatian Chronicle under the year 1240. It is located in the valley of the Dniester River in eastern Podilia. It is now a village near Kamianets-Podilskyi (Khmelnytskiy Region). Bakota has an ancient Orthodox cave monastery with frescoes and paintings dating back to the 12th-14th centuries. There is a Paleolithic archeological site near the village.
Bakota offers breathtaking vistas over Dniester River.

Dzhuryn Waterfall

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Dzhuryn Waterfall is one of the most beautiful Ukrainian waterfalls. It is located near Chervonohrad town in Ternopil' Region just by the Chervonohrad Castle ruins. This is an artificial waterfall, which was created over 400 years ago by Turks, who changed the direction of river’s bed in order to deprive the sieged city of water. Dzhuryn Waterfall is located in Nyrkiv village, Ternopil Region.

Oleshky Sands

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The huge desert that spreads over several districts of the Kherson Region is one of the most striking places in southern Ukraine. Oleshky Sands is the biggest sand area in Ukraine, and some even call it the only desert in Europe.
In recent years this amazing place has become more and more popular with tourists. And no wonder: endless golden sand dunes against the background of unbelievably blue sky framed by green pine forests are like a scene from a fairytale that came to life.
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Photo source:, Malovidoma Ukraina Facebook page, All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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