«Space of Synagogues» memorial presentation in Lviv

«Space of Synagogues» memorial presentation in Lviv

Photo: Space of Synagogues Facebook PageLviv is ready to inaugurate the "Space of Synagogues" memorial project in the old Jewish Quarter where only walls and foundations of the Golden Rose Synagogue have survived. This is an ambitious urban project aiming at honoring Lviv Jewish community.

It took years for the Lviv community and Lviv City Council to organize a memorial to the Jewish population that suffered greatly during the German occupation. The city center undergone a major reconstruction and renovation of the Second World War remains of the Golden Rose Synagogue and House of Learning and now is ready to present an ambitious and modern urban memorial site named «Space of Synagogues».
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Photo: Space of Synagogues Facebook Page 
The opening of the "Space of Synagogues” completes a long process of public discussion, historical research, collaborative work by academic and technical experts, the municipality and Jewish organizations in Lviv and beyond, which began in 2008. The aim and result of this lengthy cooperative effort is to both honor the centuries old history of the Jewish community in Lviv and promote a deeper understanding of the city’s shared history and heritage.
«Space of Synagogues» memorial is a unique urban space, which allows people to move freely around the area, read some historical trivia smartly located within the space or just take a casual rest on the stone pillars located around the place to have a calm moment for yourself.

Photo: Space of Synagogues Facebook Page
The inauguration ceremony of the "Space of Synagogues» will include an evening art program of chamber music and new media installation “The Art of Memories: Voices of the City”. The concert program will open and end with the works of Joseph Koffler (an avant-garde composer, who worked and taught in Lviv before the Nazi occupation) and Mark Kopytman. After the concert a new media art work "Resonance" created by two artists - Oleh Voronko (UA) and Jason Fiddler (UK) - will be projected on surrounding walls to reflect on the documentary pieces on Jewish heritage of Lviv.

Photo: Space of Synagogues Facebook Page
«Space of Synagogues» memorial opening is a very anticipated public event in Lviv, and is to be attended by descendants of the Jewish community in Lviv, residents who survived the Holocaust, representatives of international organizations and diplomatic missions, members of Jewish communities and organizations, cultural and educational institutions, and officials from the city administration.

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Photo: Center of Urban History Facebook Page
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The presentation of «Space of Synagogues» memorial in the Jewish Quarter is a tribute to the Jewish community, which together with Ukrainians, Poles, Armenians and other nationalities contributed to the unique atmosphere of the city.
When: September 4th, 2016
Where: 41, Staroyevreiska Street, Lviv.

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