Special excursion: secret places of Kyiv

Special excursion: secret places of Kyiv

Photo: Shutterstock.comEvery tourist coming to Kiev is excited with the beauty and power of this city. A lot ofplaces are worth seeing in our capital. Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kievo-Pecherska Lavra, Andriyivsky Uzviz and many other attractions are among “must visit” sights.

But, except well-known architecture masterpieces and historical monuments, Kiev also has some secret, but rather interesting places. Any guide will not tell you about them.
1. The Museum of the Bus Ticket

Photo: Trallebus.com
No doubts, this is the most unusual museum not only in Kiev, but all around the world. A big collection consists of local transport tickets from 27 countries. If a guest brings here a totally new transport ticket for the exhibition, he or she will get a glass of beer for free.
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2. Yard with crows

Photo: Mykiev.info
We got used to the fact that crows are wild and unsociable birds.But those of them who live in one of the yards on Reytarska Street are completely different. They are ready to make friends with you. These crows became yard inhabitants in different ways. For example, one of them was rescued after the bullet wound while another one was found by locals.
3. “Pirogovo”National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Architecture

Photo: Pirogovo.org.ua
“Pirogovo” is the geographical territory of the capital, but you will feel yourself like somewhere in the village over there. Have a special excursion to this secret place of Kiev next time. You will be able to spend a couple of happy hours visiting Ukrainian folk homes from different centuries, historical periods and areas. Moreover, don’t miss an opportunity to take part in authentic festivals which are held in “Pirogovo” during summer and fall.
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4. Lysaya Gora (Bald Mountain)

Photo: Nashkiev.ua
This is the most mystical sight of the city. According to legends, which are spread from person to person, Lysaya Gora is the favorite witches place. They gather there from time to time. Indeed, during walking along those lawns and paths you will feel completely strange and a little scary. But be careful – don’t enter any unknown tunnels.
Mark these secret places of Kiev on your map, grab a couple of friends and have the most special and funniest excursion ever.


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