Spots for Active Summer Leisure in Ukraine

Spots for Active Summer Leisure in Ukraine

While lazy sunbathing may seem the most attractive option to spend the summer vacation, there are plenty of ways to include more active leisure in a fun way. For instance, Odesa beaches offer wakeboarding, while faraway unexplored spots are perfect for summer camping and stargazing. Moreover, there’s an island in the Azov Sea that hides thousands of deer and is a less popular photo-safari spot.

Tokivski waterfalls

Also called Sholokhovskyi, Tokivski waterfalls is one of the most beautiful and unexplored spots in the Dnirpo region. The 14-kilometer cascade waterfall has formed millions of years ago and still allows rare tourists to enjoy the view. The water is quite chilly around the year but those used to Normandy beaches won't find it unpleasant. The flora is represented by rare plants that have healing qualities and mushrooms. Camping and fishing are by far the most popular leisure options: there's nothing like falling asleep lulled by the sounds of water and eating a fresh meal you've caught yourself. Tokovski waterfalls can be reached by car or public transport from Nikopol or Porkov (former Ordzhonikidze).
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Голубі Озера / Blue Lakes
Another unhackneyed camping spot is located in Oleshnya village, Chernihiv region. The famous Blue Lakes are easily reached by buses from Chernihiv or by car from Kyiv that will take about 2,5 hours. Located in the middle of a bushy forest, the three lakes astonish with their rich turquoise color. Moreover, the water is free of any large stones, seaweed or snails which makes it pleasant to swim in for kids and adults. The most popular and the deepest lake is located closest to the road, surrounded by a camping site. Tourists often take their own tents and stay for a longer period of time for free. The lake offers not only a quiet relaxation but also riding water slides, bananas and water scooters.
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Biryuchyi Island
Biryuchyi Island is separated from Khreson Oblast by the Utljuk Lyman and belongs to the Azov-Syvash National Nature Park. Spotless and desolated, the island reminds of the tropical paradise that doesn't often pop up in mind when you think about Ukraine. However, this spot has been known ever since the Scythians settlements have appeared here. Like Nara in Japan, Biryuchyi Island is home for thousands of deer that roam freely on the 7232-hectares territory. This wonderful location near the Azov Sea calls for photo-safari to revive the exploration spirit.
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Starting 2016 Berdiansk has become a popular spot of water sports: anything from simple water scooters to kite surfing, windsurfing and SUP boards is extremely popular here. Most kite schools are located on Berdiansk Spit, which gives an amazing chance to discover the nearby Malyy Dzenzik Island, as well as keep the body toned. SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boarding doesn't have any age limits, so the active leisure can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are several lakes and a zoo to keep busy for a couple of days in Berdiansk.
Southern Bug
The second-longest river in Ukraine is a regular meeting spot for everyone who enjoys rafting in Ukraine. Myhiya village, which lies in the Bug Guard National Park, is by far the most-visited location thanks to the free access of the 12 rapids of the Southern Bug. The place is frequently visited by lone tourists who enjoy BBQ, camping and starry nights, as well as professional and amateur rafters. The latter rent equipment and practice with one of the numerous Ukrainian rafting schools. Apart from the water sports, climbing and visiting a rope park is also popular in the Southern Bug region.
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Finally, the Black Sea gem has some active leisure options up its sleeve as well. In the recent years, tourists and locals became highly interested in wakeboarding - a water sport that is a combination of surfing and waterskiing. Riding the small rectangular board keeps all muscles toned and is interesting to watch due to the great number of tricks that can be learned even by rookies. Chernomorsky Park, for instance, has a wakeboarding school with professional coaches for adults and kids. Besides, there's a clean beach with fluffy sand to enjoy beach volleyball and BBQ.
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