Summer 2017 in Lviv: Where to Go

Summer 2017 in Lviv: Where to Go

Summer in Lviv is a happy affair. The city hosts numerous festivals and art events as well as offers an impressive variety of fun and exciting activities to try out during the season. In case you decide to visit Lviv this summer, your trip will be anything but boring.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. We suggest that you fuel yourself with delicious food before the busy day in Lviv in one of the most popular breakfast places in the city. CUKOR (Sugar) is a busy burger place in Lviv with two locations in the downtown (21, Brativ Rohatyntsiv street, Lviv and 6, Kryva Lupa alley, Lviv). While burgers in CUKOR might seem a bit small and overpriced to many visitors, their breakfasts are truly sensational. We suggest visiting Cukor for breakfast or lunch during weekdays when it’s less busy, as the morning food they serve is totally worth it. Another popular breakfast destination in Lviv is Baczewski restaurant (8, Shevska Street, Lviv). While many foodies book tables weeks in advance to discover authentic Galician region cuisine as well as to enjoy a meal in one of the most atmospheric interiors in town, breakfasts in Baczewski’s are much easier to get to. Try to pop in for the Galician all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet served daily from 8 AM.

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Once fueled with a sumptuous breakfast, one can easily start exploring the beautiful city of Lviv. Located in the Western part of the country, Lviv is often referred to as the most European city of Ukraine. The city prides itself to be the cradle of Ukrainian culture and traditions as well as the most popular travel destination of Ukraine. Lviv boasts lovely European architecture and Ukrainian authenticity. Take a leisurely walk around Rynok Square and narrow cobbled streets of Lviv downtown and enjoy the most beautiful outdoor architectural exhibition in the country.
Visiting Lviv museums is an ideal way to discover lesser-known facts about city’s history, learn more about Western Ukrainian culture and traditions. Lviv Art Gallery (3, Stefanyka street, Lviv) is possibly the finest art museum in Ukraine; it is home to more than 60,000 pieces of art from all over the world. Georges de la Tour’s “Payment of Dues” and Tiziano Vecellio’s “Portrait of a Man» are the pride of the museum. Lviv National Museum (20, Prospect Svobody avenue, Lviv) offers interesting exhibitions revealing ancient local traditions and culture. Lviv Apothecary museum tells the history of the oldest drugstore in Ukraine, which dates back to the 14th century. The list of Lviv museums is pretty vast - everyone will have a chance to pick something interesting for themselves.

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Many of sightseeing tours usually go through the streets of medieval city, famous Rynok Square, avenues and streets filled with history. You will see all the major attractions of Lviv by booking a 2- or 3-hour walking tour.
Lviv also offers a variety of bus tours for its less active guests. The main advantage of the bus tours in Lviv is that you can take the tour in any weather and it will not be less tiring. From the bus window and through the glass roof you will explore the historical sites and buildings. The excursion bus route covers all major Lviv city attractions and is available in different languages.

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Sightseeing in Lviv is enjoyable, yet might be a bit exhausting experience with so many places of interest to visit. Take a short break and have a coffee while you are at it. Enjoying a cup of coffee in Lviv became somewhat an iconic travel experience. Lviv is Ukraine’s coffee mecca, offering an overwhelming selection of coffee shops and cafes. From hipster coffee joints to bourgeois-styled cafes, Lviv will impress even the most spoiled coffee-lovers. Local coffee-shops don’t serve food, however, you will always find freshly baked croissants and colorful macaroons to go perfectly with your drink. Visit one of Lviv iconic cafes such as Svit Kavy, Centaur or Lvivs’ka Kopal’nya Kavy (Lviv Coffee Mine) to enjoy your breakfast or lunch and get to know how the fragrant cup of traditional Lviv coffee tastes.

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In case you still have some extra time after exploring Lviv major tourist attractions you can go for a «Castles of Lviv region» tour. Lviv castles’ beautiful architecture, mystical history and scenic landscapes attract many visitors. Most popular tourist route, the so called "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region», was created specially to promote the castle legacy of Galicia region. This route consists of five major landmarks: Olesko, Pidhirtsi, and some Zolochiv Castles. The best option is to travel by car or by bus, as all of 5 castles are located by the highway and you can examine all of them within 1 day. Today many travel companies offer «Castles of Lviv Region» tour as castles are among the most popular local attractions. You'll have a great chance to see castles as well as try food and wine in the medieval restaurants.


It could get really hot in Lviv during summer days as the only thing this city is lacking is water in a form of river or lake. Escape this season’s unbearable heat with a refreshing dip in one of the best outdoor swimming pools Lviv has to offer. The pool at Kavalier Hotel (70, Staroznesenska street, Lviv) is usually off-limits to the random hoi polloi. The hype is sustained by way of designer beach club atmosphere, swanky white gazebos, signature cocktails and super popular parties. This is where the well-groomed ladies and gentlemen come to cool off in the water or relax on one of the comfy daybeds by the pool and where you’ll have an expansive views of Lviv.
The newest addition to the outdoor pool scene of Lviv, Rumbarbar Swin and Dance Club (Drevny Grad Hotel Complex, 7th kilometer of Kyiv Highway from Lviv) opened mid July, 2016. Rumbarbar quickly became chlorinated mecca for those who live in Lviv as well as for its visitors. With a 1000-square-metres swim area, in addition to plenty of poolside space for beach-chair and towel lounging, you can scope out hundreds of stylish hipsters, neighborhood families and curious tourists looking to stay cool. 

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Once the sun goes down, Lviv reveals a whole new list of fun and exciting activities. Cinema under the starry sky is a highlight in every summer. No matter if romantic classics or latest thrillers – Lviv Outdoor Summer Cinema in Park of Culture guarantees unique movie nights. With ice cream, popcorn and a warming blanket you are perfectly prepared for a great movie night. Lviv Outdoor Summer Cinema in Park of Culture is quintessential part of summer in Lviv. Various movies will be screening in Lviv Park of Culture on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights during summer 2017. Throughout the summer months screenings will range from family-friendly flicks like Freaky Friday and Minions to movies for those without a bedtime like Breakfast at Tiffanny’s or Dolce Vita.
The outdoor films begin at dusk, with start times between 9 and 10:30 PM depending on sunset and weather conditions. Take a blanket and sandwiches with you to enjoy warm summer nights on park’s green lawn while watching your favorite movies.

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Lviv is also known as a festival capital of Ukraine. Check out Lviv festival schedule to plan your weekend in Lviv and enjoy unique festive atmosphere of the city. Most popular Lviv festivals include Lviv Street Food Festival, Lviv Festival of Liqueurs and Digestifs, Lviv Coffee Festival, Lviv Wine and Cheese Festival and Christmas Fair. Each festival offers a diverse program of events with something for everyone. Celebrate the world-class food, art, music, culture, history and the rich heritage of Lviv and Western Ukraine.
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