Summer Holidays in Ukraine: Best Destinations

Summer Holidays in Ukraine: Best Destinations

Are you planning summer holidays in Ukraine? There are numerous worthy destinations to visit and exciting activities to do in hot summer days. We offer you just a little part of the great variety of interesting options for the holidays. These picturesque places of Ukraine are definitely worth seeing.

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Yaremche is a resort town in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast` of Ukraine, located in the low-mountain area of Carpathians near Prut River. Here travelers can find numerous recreation camps, health resorts, hotels and restaurants. There are no industrial plants near Yaremcha, which contributes to recreational effect of this area. This is a perfect place to enjoy climatotherapy and mineral baths. Guests of Yaremche are welcome to the beautiful Karpatsky natural park, established in 1980. Probiy waterfall is one of the most interesting sights of the town. It is 8-meters high and has a pedestrian bridge. The other worthy sights of Yaremche include Greek-Catholic church, ethnography and ecology museum of Carpathian region, Gutsulschina wooden restaurant made without nails, Makovytsia mountain, Dovbush rock and cave and many others.
How to reach: by 457Ш “Kyiv-Rachiv” train; by bus from Ivano-Frankivsk bus station.
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Zаtока is a well-known resort area, located 60 km away from Odesa in south-west direction. Zatoka beaches are located along the whole sand spit, which separates Black sea and Dnestrovsky estuary. Wide sand beaches with flat seabed and good infrastructure are perfect for family relaxation with children. Zatoka is full of hotels, apartments and recreational centers for any taste and budget. Being a natural sand spit, Zatoka attracts lovers of windsurfing and kite-surfing. Many festivals and events are regularly held here. Zatoka offers a plenty of water attractions, cafes and restaurants. The largest Ukrainian fortress, Akkerman fortress of XV century in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, is located only 20 km away from Zatoka.
How to reach: by suburban train from Odessa railway station; by bus from Odessa railway station or bus station.
Schatsky lakes
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The name “Schatsky lakes” unites more than 30 lakes in Volynska oblast` of Ukraine, located in the interfluve of Pripyat` and Zapadniy Bug rivers. The combination of spectacular forest landscapes and beautiful lakes makes this area one of the must see places of West Polissya. Schatsky lakes, which are the part of Schatsk national natural park, belong to the most interesting sights of Ukraine. Picturesque nature, diverse plants, animals and mild healing climate attract lots of people. The largest Ukrainian lake, Svityaz`, is located here. The depth of Svityaz` crystal clear waters is more than 58 meters. Many recreational centers, private cottages, sports and children camps are located on the banks of Svityaz`. This is a perfect place for fishing. Schatsky lakes have more than 31 species of fish, including perch, pike, tench, bream, crucian carp, roach, loach and even eel. Some lakes also have crayfishes.
How to reach: by train to Lutsk or Kovel`, then by bus from bus station.
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Bukovel` is mostly famous as a mountain skiing resort, but summer holidays here can also be exciting. Guests are welcome to rent a room in many luxury hotels and apartments. Travelers can enjoy spectacular beauty of Carpathian nature, interesting excursions, water and mountain extreme activities. The resort is located in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast`, only 35 km away from Yaremche. Bukovel` has two lakes, one of which is the largest man-made lake in Ukraine. Here visitors can enjoy cozy beach with developed infrastructure, water ski and waverunners. It is highly recommended to visit VODA day&night club with total capacity of 1000 people. The club offers warm open-air swimming pool, unique heated pool on pontoon in the center of Molodist` lake, open-air jakuzzi, safe swimming pool for kids and restaurant, which serves great Italian food. Bukovel Bike Park provides 6-kilometer track and 3 routs for mountain cycling. Extreme park with climbing wall, bungees, bridges, stairs and swings is another great option for spending time in Bukovel`. Those who are interested can also try horse riding.
How to reach: by bus from Ivano-Frankivsk bus station.
Kinburnska sand spit
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Kinburnska sand spit is located in Mykolaiv oblast` in Ochakiv region. Here travelers can enjoy snow-white beaches, pine forest smell and steppes with wild grasses. Kinburnska sand spit is well-known for clear sand beach, spectacular nature views and long beach season. Belobrezhye Svyatoslava national natural park is located here. The sand spit is a perfect place for wildlife photography. Photography enthusiasts can visit exceptionally beautiful locations and see flamingos, aigrettes, pelicans. Apart from the sea, there are also lots of lakes. Travelers can enjoy mud lakes with healing effect and unique pink-colored lakes, which gained their surprising color from special algae. Special attention should be also paid to beautiful salt lakes. Kinburnska sand spit offers completely wild beaches as well as beaches with infrastructure. Travelers can rent an apartment nearby or live in a tent to be closer to nature.
How to reach: first, travelers have to reach Mykolaiv or Kherson by train, then they need to take a bus to Ochakiv from bus station. In Ochakiv, they can take a taxi or walk by foot to naval port. Launch goes from port to Kinburnska sand spit twice a day.
Explore new exciting places, visiting the best holiday destinations in Ukraine.
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