Swimming Prohibited: Beaches in Kyiv to Be Avoided in 2018

Swimming Prohibited: Beaches in Kyiv to Be Avoided in 2018

Summer sunbeams in the city make us dream about diving in refreshing cool waters. Fortunately, Ukrainian capital, located on the banks of wide Dnipro River, offers numerous places to do that. However, not all the lakes and riversides of Kyiv are good choice for a beach day: in 2018, some of them were reported as non-compliant to sanitation and hygiene standards. Let`s see which beaches of Kyiv we’d better avoid this summer.

In May 2018, specialists of the Ministry of Health Kyiv laboratory center took samples of water from the popular beaches of the capital. According to the samples tests results, contamination level of water from some beaches significantly exceeds chemical, microbiological and bacteriological sanitary norms. The list of contaminated beaches includes Telbyn, Red`kino, Centralne, Raduzhne and Verbne lakes, Chertoroy, Veselka and Galerny beaches, Verbliud, Natalka and Sobachie Ust`yie creeks, Gorodskoy pond in Puscha-Voditsa. The scientists defined that water samples from these reservoirs do not correspond to the requirements of Ukrainian law “About ensuring sanitary and epidemiological wellness of people”. Considering this, currently locals and guests of the city are advised to avoid visiting above-mentioned beaches.
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And now – some good news! Kyiv dwellers and guests are welcome to sunbath and swim on the beaches that correspond to all sanitary norms. These are such beaches as Zolotoy, Predmostnaya Slobodka, Centrlaniy, Molodezhniy, Detskiy and Venice.
In the beginning of June 2018, two Kyiv beaches got “Blue Flag” international ecologic award. These are Zolotoy (“Golden”) and Detskiy (“Children`s”) beaches in Hydropark. By the way, Zolotoy beach also received this award in the previous year. “Blue Flag” award is not just a confirmation of compliance with international standards, but also the symbol of stable development and touristic attractiveness of the area. This award, founded in France in 1985, is annually given to beaches and quayside areas, water from which corresponds to high quality standards and is suitable for safe bathe. “Blue Flag” nomination is supported by Ecological Education Fund (FEE). According to the program requirements, a beach has to correspond to 32 criteria related to ecological education, management, safety and services.
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Kyiv administration promises that seven Kyiv beaches will get “Blue Flag” award by the end of summer 2018.
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