Tips for Living in Kyiv with Your Dog

Tips for Living in Kyiv with Your Dog

Dog etiquette is important no matter where you live, but in urban areas it’s even more critical. City dog owners face a lot of challenges when going out with their pets which require a keen sense of their surroundings, other dogs and other people, at all times. We round up some useful information for all dog lovers who live in Kyiv.

Is it cruel to have a dog in the city? Not at all. In fact, a well-loved metrodog can have the best of all canine lives. Surrounded by people, other dogs, and interesting sure beats being in a small backyard by yourself.
Transportation. It’s always a good idea to get your pets used to your method of transportation. If you have a car, by all means, drive them around with you... But many city-dwellers don't, and so your pups will need to be accustomed to busses, trains, and taxis. Whatever your main mode of transportation is, make sure your dogs are exposed to it to get used to it faster. In Kyiv it is allowed to board public transport with dogs of all breeds and sizes, but the dog must be in the collar or harness, on the leash and in pet muzzle.
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Walking your dog. Pet owners should walk their dogs in collars or harnesses and on the leashes, except when bringing your dog to a special dog parks, which are separated from the public park area with mesh fence. Kyiv urban formation «Dyvovyzhni» has recently created a special on-line map where dog owners can easily find all the dog parks available for leisurely pet walks throughout the city. The map lists over 80 places officially approved by city council as areas where pet owners can walk their dogs safely.
Always scoop the poop. In developed countries it is considered unsanitary and just plain rude to leave your dog’s poop on the sidewalk. Plus, certain parasites and diseases, like hookworm and roundworms, can be transmittable through feces. And come on, who wants to step in a mess like that? Kyiv dog owners these days are getting more and more conscious about dealing with their dogs’ poop. Some of the dog parks in Kyiv offer these bags in special boxes located in front of the entrance. But it’s always a good idea to put an extra paper or plastic bag in your pocket at home before heading out for a walk with your dog.


Healthcare. Luckily, the capital of Ukraine is not lacking in Veterinary clinics these days. Pet owners can easily find a vet almost in any part of the city or ask for an emergency vet visit at home. You can check the full list of vet clinics in Kyiv on Petadvisor, a user friendly internet resource for pet owners which offers a lot of useful and up-to-date information on vets, grooming and even dog sitting services in Kyiv. The visitors of the Petadvisor web page can also find useful information on animal ER and 24/7 emergency veterinary clinics in Kyiv.

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Check Petadvisor’s section on grooming salons to find a perfect place to pamper your pet. You can check the list of grooming salons in your area and find their location on the map.
Here you can also find a lot of useful tips for would-be pet owners as well as information on various charity events and pet shelters. By the way, it looks like Kyiv has recently joined the international movement for adopting not buying pets. Capital’s biggest dog and cat shelter Sirius is constantly hosting different event to raise awareness of the problem of stray and abandoned animals in the city. Check out their Facebook page and find out how you can help and perhaps, meet you future furry friend.

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We all probably want that dog that will lounge with us while we eat brunch on the patio of a restaurant. We want a dog we can take places without it being a huge hassle. Journalist Oleksandra Panasyuk has created a Kyiv directory of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants. Now the map contains a dozen of places that are eagerly accepting guests with their pets. The administration of the pet-friendly cafes and restaurants ask that the pet would be near its owner, wouldn’t contact with the dishes and won’t disturb other guests.

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As a city dog guardian, being aware and courteous during all activities with your dog will go a long way in ensuring a positive urban living experience with your best furry bud.
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