Top-10 common travel-related mistakes worldwide

Top-10 common travel-related mistakes worldwide

Travelling is the best cure for any blues or stress. But any of us at least once in a lifetime has got into a weird situation while a trip. These are top-10 common travel-related mistakes.

1. Travelling to Poland without the minimum sum of Polish zloty. In spite of the fact that this country is the part of European Union and Euro is the main currency over there, almost everywhere you can pay with zloty and some places even prefer the local currency. No bank is open on Sundays and there can be some troubles with ATM.

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2. Wide-open window of a hotel room in London. First of all, the thefts here are very well trained and the second reason for not doing this is the smog of this metropolis.
3. Hang a handbag on the chair in a café in Paris. Well, of course, you should avoid this common travel-related mistake not only in Paris, but in every big city of the world.
4. Ignore information presented in small print on the ticket. Important information about the transfer may be given over there. The problem of transit is the most common one that travelers complain about.

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5. Leave all your warm clothes in the luggage when you fly to Finland (or any other cold country). Be sure to take in hand luggage at least a jacket, because you luggage can fly into another direction by mistake.

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6. Neglect the choice of hostel or hotel. It is important to make a good research regarding the place to stay in advance to avoid any possible troubles with transfer and accommodation.
7. Follow those who actively offer accommodation at the airport or train station. This choice can be even dangerous.

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8. Go somewhere far without a map and without a transport timetable. You can wait for a vehicle for a long time even in the civilized Europe.
9. Take too much luggage. Knowledgeable people recommend checking the suitcase and taking out every third thing, because most probably you will not need it.
10. Take a "wrong" person with you into a voyage.
Even if you have made already one of these top-10 common travel-related mistakes, don’t be afraid to ask for help. In spite of the fact that you don’t know local language, people around, most probably, will understand that you are in trouble and will help you! Bon voyage!

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