Top-5 things to do in Kiev

Top-5 things to do in Kiev

If you are going to visit Ukraine, most probably you will start with Kiev. You obviously can get a lot of information through TV and newspapers but it makes sense to emphasize that this city is very modern, interesting and safe if you follow certain simple rules. What are the most important things to do in Kiev while your first visit?

1. Prepare for the trip. Of course, you should book the hotel and transfer from the airport, but not only this. Get the necessary information regarding the city sightseeing and the best places you are going to visit. You can get from Destinations web a lot of useful information, but also read the last news about Kiev, take a look on the forecast and make a plan of your visit. Contact all the hotels you will stay at and make pre-bookings. If you need a taxi you can use concierge service or Uklon app for smartphone.

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2. Visit special places. If you want to get unique excursions over Kiev old yards, famous Besarabka market, some secret but cozy places you may apply to our reliable sources like Julia Bevzenko (the guide and the founder of “Interesting yard” project ). Lala Tarapakina (the guide and the founder of “Found in Ukraine” project) can help you with unordinary and interesting trips all over Ukraine, advising you the best hotels, excursions and restaurants.

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3. Try Ukrainian cuisine. When you are ready with all your preparations and you are finally in Kiev, one more thing you need to do is to visit Ukrainian restaurant. But it is very important to choose the right place for this. There are a lot of Ukrainian restaurants with national atmosphere but not all of them can satisfy any gourmet offering standard food. If you want something special in terms of cuisine and place, go to “Kanapa” , located at the famous Andriyivsky descent. This is the pre-revolutionary Ukrainian restaurant-salon with haute cuisine. It is a top of mind destination which the travelers and gastronomic tourists must visit. If you travel with kids you can also organize very special and cool evening for them in Baby Rock café, while you will enjoy your dinner in one of the closest Dima Borisov’ restaurants: “Ohota na Ovets”, “GastroRock”, “RybaLOVE”, “CrabsBurger” or “Kanapa”.

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4. Take a walk in the center of Kiev and its famous Andriyivsky descent. Here you can buy souvenirs, paintings and national clothes. This street goes down from area of Saint Sophia and Mikhailivska squares with ancient and amazing churches. When you go down along Anrdiyivsky descent you can enjoy the views and St. Andrew church which is very uncommon for Ukraine. It was constructed by Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli, Italian architect, in 1754. Podil area is located down of the descent. It is very old area of the city with its special atmosphere, a lot of small streets, ancient monasteries and modern restaurants and pubs. The river-boat station is located also at Podil, close to funicular and Fairmont Hotel. In summer time you may take a boat trip along the Dnipro River and enjoy its banks with Lavra monasteries, Motherland monument and green parks.

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5. Visit famous open-air museums of Kiev like Mamajeva Sloboda, Pyrogovo and Ethno Village. This is the 5th important thing you need to do in Kiev. These places will give you an opportunity to know better the history of Ukraine, to feel the spirit of the nation and to spend nice time walking around the picturesque places. During national holidays you can enjoy the traditional celebrations with historical reconstruction over there. There are some fairs, concerts and historical shows here during weekends.

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Kiev is a very impressive city with more than 1500 years of history. So you will want to come here again and again to explore it and to fall in love with it forever.

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