Top-5 unusual hotels in Ukraine

Top-5 unusual hotels in Ukraine

If you want to get into a very special hotel, have a look at our recommended list of unusual hotels in Ukraine and enjoy your stay in comfortable rooms with unique design.

1. "Istoria" (History) Hotel, Polianytsia

The idea of the hotel: 4-storey hotel has conceptual design that is dedicated to the history of Ukraine at different stages. It is a dark gray building; in the evening and at night it is highlighted by lanterns and looks like a fairy-tale house. All rooms are named after a particular period in the history of Ukraine and are decorated accordingly: Cave, Tripoli, Scythia, Kiyevan Rus, Serfdom, Princes, Cossacks, Ukrainian Insurgent Army times and Classic. This is perhaps one of the most unusual hotels in Ukraine.

Location: Ivano-Frankivsk region, Polianytsa village. You can get there from Ivano-Frankivsk bus station by the bus to Bukovel. Get off the bus at the stop near the "Lesnoy” (Forest) shop. If by car, turn right behind the store and drive about 200 meters to the parking of hotel.
2. “11 Mirrors” Design Hotel, Kiev

The idea of the hotel: “11 mirrors” is located in the center of Kiev, close to the Vladimirsky Cathedral and the National Opera. The idea of the hotel is balance of style and beauty, which are reflected in neutral tones. According to the creators the hotel is good for both: working mood and relaxation. This concept is observed in the exterior and in the interior. All categories of rooms have Internet access, plasma televisions, safes and minibars.
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Location: 34,Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, Kiev.
3. "Radomyshl Castle” Hotel, Radomyshl

The idea of the hotel: The hotel is an integral part of the "Radomyshl" museum complex. The rooms are made in austere style of early modernism and somewhat reminiscent of monastic cells, but are decorated in warm, bright colors accentuated with brickwork elements. There is wooden and wicker furniture in the rooms that allows you to get into the epoch of 17-18 centuries.

Location: Zhitomyrska highway, Radomyshl, 15, Shchorsa street. You can use a bus from the railway station in Kiev. It is about 100 km from the capital.
4. “Trideviatoe Tsarstvo” (Far Far Away kingdom) Hotel, Skala Podolska village

The idea of the hotel: this hotel looks really like a fairy-tale castle; it is also made of stone and wood. Special form of windows and a small stone wall, which is an element of landscape design, create the atmosphere of Middle Ages.
Location: Ternopil region, Borshchevski district, Skala Podolskaya village, 19, Urdyga Street. The hotel is near Ternopi l – Kamenetz - Podilsky highway.
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5. "Friend House" Eco-hotel, Kirovske

The idea of the hotel: the main highlight is that this eco-friendly hotel is built of biodegradable materials according to a special project. Certain analysis of information and energy fields was held before the construction of the hotel. As a result, the hotel began to look as if it is a natural part of landscape. The materials from which the building is constructed are extremely environmentally friendly: clay, wood, shell, cane. The width of the windows allows to keep the inside light level the same as the outside. Interior of rooms resembles a cave with numerous holes where sunlight penetrates, what creates a special atmosphere.
Location: Dniepropetrovsk region, Kirovske, st. Orelska. It is 30 km from the center of Dniepropetrovsk.

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