Top 5 Must See Places in Kiev

Top 5 Must See Places in Kiev

Photo:«Destinations» narrows down top 5 must see places in Kiev for ultimate travel experience in the capital of Ukraine.

Kyiv, being a capital of Ukraine, offers an array of interesting and exciting places to see and to visit. Kiev is, without any doubt, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the country. Located on both banks of scenic Dnipro River, Kiev wows many visitors as well as locals. Everybody will be able to find something for themselves in the Eastern European metropolis: architectural sights, vibrant cultural life, picturesque parks and recreational locations, beach clubs, dynamic night life and flourishing business scene.
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Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra
This is the holiest ground in all three East Slavic countries - Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, for Orthodox pilgrims and one of the most popular Kiev destination for tourists. Set on 28 hectares of grassy hills above the Dnipro River, the monastery's tight cluster of gold-domed churches is a feast for the eyes. Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra is the city's single most fascinating and extensive tourist site, you will need at least half a day to get a decent introduction. The monks in the early 16th century dug out a series of catacombs, where they and other reclusive monks worshipped, studied and lived. When they died their bodies were naturally preserved, without embalming, by the caves' cool temperature and dry atmosphere. The mummies survive even today, confirmation for believers that these were true holy men. Try to avoid the Lavra on weekends, when it gets extremely busy. If you must go, then visit early and head for the caves first.

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St Michael's Monastery
it's impossible to ignore the gold-domed blue church located at the end of the Volodymyrsky proyizd. The original 12th century St Michael’s Church was destroyed by the Soviets in 1937. Current version of St Michael's Monastery was finished in 2001 and is the copy of its 12th century predecessor. St Michael's Monastery wows all Kiev visitors with impossibly shiny cupolas and picture perfect vistas over Dnipro River.

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Andriyivsky Uzviz

Andriyivsky (Andrew’s) Uzviz is a steep cobbled street that winds its way up from Kontraktova Square to Volodymyrska street. According to the legend this is the exact spot where Apostle Andrew prophesied the foundation of great Slavic city of Kiev, overlooking the beautiful lands lying around the hill he was standing on, hence the name of the street. The highlight of the Uzviz is the stunning gold and blue sight shining at the top is St Andrew's Church .Andriyivsky Uzviz is a place to head to for multiple stalls selling different souvenirs and art works.

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Maydan Nezalezhnosti

Maydan Nezalezhnosti is the central Square of Kiev. The name is translated like «Independance Square». Maydan Nezalezhnosti can be truly considered the heart of Ukraine and the place where Ukraine’s struggle for independence took place. The Independence Square was the site of pro-independence protests in the 1990s. During the Orange Revolution of 2004, it was transformed into a huge tent camp and the scene of a never-ending rally. During Euromaidan protests in the winter of 2013–14, the square turned into the camp of an urban guerrilla army with massive camouflage tents, soup kitchens, stacks of firewood and tires to burn. Even after 3 years after all the tragic events of Euromaydan one still can feel the gruesome atmosphere over the main square of Kiev.

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Khreshchatyk is the main street of Kyiv. The street is not very long but very impressive. The street looks especially beautiful in spring when chestnut trees are in blossom. Beside government offices and administrative buildings that are located here, tourists can find cinemas, restaurants and cafes on Khreshchatyk. A lot of people go to Khreshchatyk for casual strolls. Some of them go shopping because there are many good shops and big farmers’ market there.

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Kiev is a city of breathtaking views, rich cultural and raucous nightlife. Kiev is truly magnificent city and has what it seems like endless number of attractions to visit. But if this is your first time to the capital of Ukraine or you don’t have much time for sightseeing, these are top 5 must see places in Kiev you don’t want to miss.


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