Travelling from Lviv to Bukovel: Top Places

Travelling from Lviv to Bukovel: Top Places

A trip from Lviv to Bukovel` is already a pleasure in itself. It is so enjoyable to ride a car passing the beautiful landscapes of Western Ukraine, to go through big cities, small town and villages, observing their regular life. However, a journey can get even more exciting when you know which worthy landmarks you can visit on the way. Let`s learn about the most interesting places on the route from Lviv to Bukovel`.

Upside Down House
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The upside down house in Polyanytsya village, located right on the way to Bukovel` resort, is the first architectural wonder of this type in Ukraine. At the first sight, it may seem that this house is a victim of some natural disaster such as tornado or hurricane. But it`s not true: the upside down house was built in this way for a purpose. By the way, it was constructed in just 1.5 months. If you walk inside the house, you will see that all the furniture and household items in this unusual structure are also turned upside down and fixed to the ceiling, so the visitors find themselves in a completely surrealistic space. The upside down house near Bukovel` is daily visited by many tourists who want to take a look at this unusual building and to take pictures inside and outside of it.
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Vorokhta Bridge
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The arched stone railway bridge in the valley of Prut river was built in the times of Austro-Hungarian empire in 1895 in the process of constructing railway from Ivano-Frankivsk to Rakhiv. This viaduct bridge is located on the bend of the railway in the place where the river channel is very wide, so the engineers had to design a very long (130 m) bridge. The length of the largest bridge`s span is 65 m, and the width of the central arch is 25 m. The bridge is considered as one of the longest stone railway bridges in the whole Europe. Nowadays, Vorokhta bridge is out of service, and the newly-built bridge is constructed nearby, but the old bridge still looks amazing.
Manyava Skete Monastery in Manyava Village
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An Orthodox monastery called Manyava Skete was founded in Manyava village in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast` in 1611. This friary is considered as an architectural landmark of the XVII century. Some scientists say that the famous hetman Ivan Vygovsky was buried in this monastery. The architectural complex of Manyava Skete is an ensemble of stone and wooden buildings surrounded by a high stone wall with towers and loopholes. In the old times, Manyava monstery was not only a place to praise God, but also a shelter where people could hide during attacks of Turks and Tatars. The monastery has a complex of underground arched basements with exits to mountains and passages between buildings. Manyava Skete is famous for its “Blissful stone” – a special place where people can pray, clean their souls and get rid of all evil. Manyava village itself is also notable for its beautiful waterfall that is definitely worth seeing.
Probiy Waterfall in Yaremche
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The beautiful waterfall in the resort Carpathian town Yaremche is listed as one of the seven natural miracles of Ukraine. Located in the very heart of Yaremche, it is one of the most important and popular sights of this area. The name “Probiy”, literally translated as “Breakout”, comes from the power of Probiy`s waters passing big rocks and falling down in shining cascades from the height of 8 m. In spring, the stream is especially full-flowing. There is a pedestrian bridge and a cable way over the waterfall, so everyone interested can observe a breathtaking view and take an extreme ride. This place is always full of tourists, who love to take photos in national Huzul clothes near Probiy. A fair, located nearby, offers wide assortment of authentic souvenirs, drinks and food.
Carpathians in Miniature Museum
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The museum park “Carpathians in miniature” is located on the bank of Zhonka river in Yaremche on the territory of Carpathian national natural park. Here visitors can see 18 miniature models of famous Carpathian landmarks such as churches, monasteries, Probiy waterfall, well-known monuments of the region, railway with legendary stone bridge in Vorokhta, station in Tatariv village and tunnel. The tourists are also welcome to see copies of wide-known wooden buildings of the Carpathians such as “Huzulstchina” restaurant and other. The owners of the museum promise that the number of miniature copies will grow with time.
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Tatariv Village
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Tatariv village is a low-mountain climatic resort located in the wide valley of Prut river 750 m above sea level. This picturesque place delights with lovely panoramic mountain views. As for must-see sights of Tatariv, we should surely mention the building of old railway station built in the end of the ХІХ century. This station is considered as one of the best architectural railway projects in Ukraine in the end of the ХІХ and the beginning of the XX century. Since 2014, the station has been under reconstruction. Dymytrivska church, constructed in 1870, is one of the architectural monuments of Yaremcha region and is also definitely worth visiting. The church is designed in the style of traditional Hutzul architecture. Visitors can still see old tempera paintings of the ХІХ century on the church walls. Besides all above-mentioned, from Tatariv village you can easily reach well-known mountains Synyak and Homyak as well as Zhenetsky waterfall.
No journey can be boring, when you know good places on the way. Enjoy your trip from Lviv to Bukovel` to the fullest.
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