Travelling to Kiev: 3 tips for a foreigner

Travelling to Kiev: 3 tips for a foreigner

Travelling to Kiev for the first time can be very exciting. But if you want to make your trip safe and full of positive emotions, it’s better to be prepared for the voyage.

1.First of all, collect all tips into one list and use it while your trip. Do not rely on mass media only. Different communities, forums and social networks can help you to get the latest news and feedback from those who are in Kiev now. The city is turning into real European place with good infrastructure, entertainment and service. But still, there are a lot of peculiarities you need to take into account while your first visit. Local people can give you really good advice in terms of where to go, what to see, how to communicate here and so on.

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For example, Lala Tarapakina, the leader of “Found in Ukraine” project, shares some tips with Destinations’ readers:
-Choose a companion to whom you fully trust so he/she can take care of everything keeping in mind the peculiarities of mentality
-Pre-book hotel and ask for the written confirmation
-Carefully read the position of any bill and check the sum
-Keep your eyes wide open
-Respect the rules of the country
-Communicate with local people to find out the best dining places and hotels
-Do not start and do not be involved in political discussions
-Fall in love with Ukraine.

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2.When you have a lot of information you need to filter it and to create a plan of your visit. It means that you should have already bought your tickets, booked hotel and transfer and got a map with places you want to visit, as well as have a list of the best restaurants, malls, supermarkets, drug stores located close to your hotel. Also keep your passport, medical insurance, emergency phone numbers and Embassy contacts always with you. So now you have to check the weather forecast, currency rate and pack your luggage.


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3. When you are travelling in Kiev, visit some special excursions to feel the city atmosphere. Walking, making pictures, communication with waitresses and sellers can expand your vision of the city. These people are local and they know Kiev very well; also they can give you nice advice about some restaurants, bars and night clubs. If you go for a night walk, visit only central parts of the city like Khreshchatyk street, Maidan Nezalezhnosti square and areas close to these places. Don’t take with you expensive cameras or laptops for a late walk. Remember, that in any country there are good and bad people and it is better to avoid and not to provoke the latter. If you need a taxi service you can download UKLON app to your mobile or ask a concierge to help you with this.

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Don’t forget to take a walk in one of many Kiev green parks, to take a boat trip along Dnipro River during summer time, to visit Mamayeva Sloboda open air historical museum and to take a morning coffee in a cozy café watching the city life outside a big window.
Enjoy your travelling to Kiev!


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