Ukrainian Railways News: July 2018 Digest

Ukrainian Railways News: July 2018 Digest

Being a fast-evolving country, Ukraine changes in many spheres, including, of course, transport sector. The new railway routes pop up each month, connecting the most distant parts of the state and opening comfortable ways abroad. Let`s check out the latest Ukrainian railway news of July 2018.

kraine and Poland are going to organize a working team to develop an ultimate solution on launching Lublin – Lviv railway route. Such agreement was made in the course of meeting of Ukrainian Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan and Polish Minister of infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk. Volodymyr Omelyan says: “Until autumn 2018 we will specify technical details and come to an agreement suitable for both countries. I hope that in autumn we will hold a meeting of the Ministers of infrastructure of Ukraine and Poland in Lviv and sign appropriate agreement about launching of Lublin – Lviv railway route.”.
PKP Intercity Polish railway company intends to establish a direct train connection between Przemyśl and Berlin in 2018. This decision is driven by the growing traffic of people on the Eastern border of Poland, particularly many Ukrainian citizens immigrating to EU countries. PKP Intercity plans to give these people an opportunity to go by a comfortable train. The new train called “Metropol” will be a complex of trailing cars jointed in Wroclaw to a train travelling to the capital of Germany.
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Ukrainian railways are about to launch new Mukachevo – Budapest train till the end of summer 2018. The new train will run on European gauge. A journey by this train, travelling through such Hungarian cities as Debrecen and Nyíregyháza, will take around six hours. A first class ticket will cost UAH 1043; a second class ticket price will be UAH 711. In the future, Ukrainian railways plan to connect Ukraine will Slovakia, Czech Republic and other EU countries.
Ukrainian railways included 23 additional trains to the schedule for the summer. Traditionally for the warm season, the Black Sea and Azov Sea coasts are the most popular destinations, so now the railway schedule offers 8 additional trains to Odesa, 5 trains to Kherson, 3 trains to Genichesk and three trains to Berdyansk. The periodicity of some of the popular trains going to south direction such as Zaporizhya – Odesa and Lviv – Kherson was increased to ensure more comfort for those who are going to the seaside on holidays.
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However, nowadays it is already almost impossible to buy train tickets in south direction in Ukraine. The major part of the tickets has been sold out. The problem is the fact that Ukrainian railways simply lack carriages to transfer all those passengers who want to travel to the seaside in summer. Due to this, many people have to use other transport such as cars or planes.
The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman has discussed with the Prime Minister of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius the issue of the upcoming launching of trains on the route along Kyiv, Minsk, Vilnius and Riga. The launching of this “four capitals” train will help to establish deeper economic, business, touristic and cultural connections between countries. A ticket for the train will cost around EUR 60.
Ukrainian railways plan to repair and modernize suburban trains by the end of 2018. It is planned to renew 22 trains. In June 2018, two suburban trains for the regional branches “South Railway Road” and “South West Railway Road” have been placed into operation after full repair already. One more renovated suburban train for the passengers of “Lviv Railway Road” will start operating in the current month.
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A look into the future: the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has signed cooperation memorandum with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. The parties are planning to develop technologies and to search for investors by joint efforts. It was announced that test tube for Hyperloop may be installed in Ukraine in the following year. Besides, Ukrainian side considers an opening of RND-center and Data-center in Ukraine in the nearest time. These centers will work not only with Hyperloop technology, but also with other materials and components of the world`s newest transport means. Joint technologies development center of the parties will be located in Kyiv or Dnipro. Probably Hyperloop technology will be launched on the territory of Ukraine during the following 5–10 years.
Travelling becomes faster and more comfortable with the latest innovations of Ukrainian railways. Enjoy your journey!
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