Unhackneyed Ukrainian Startups

Unhackneyed Ukrainian Startups

The current era of business is not the one of large corporate monopolies but startups innovating for the better of society. It's well-known that three out of four startups fail, but there are also those that change the way ordinary people go about their daily lives. Startups are taking over and these five unhackneyed Ukrainian startups really stand out.

Knitting Space in Kyiv is a place for "all things knitted". It aims to become a place where visitors can do their hobbies, will be inspired, motivated, and creative.
The rise of the internet – blogging, YouTube (it's much easier to learn knitting from a video than a book), Facebook, Twitter and handmade marketplaces such as Etsy – has contributed to the knitting popularity. Knitting has taken its away from being hip and trendy and made it to a regular thing. One can spot knitted pieces on the catwalks, on top fashion blogs and editorials (do you know that VOGUE Knitting actually exists?).
Knitting Space is founded by two knitting enthusiasts - Olesya Veshygora and Inna Bluemental. Both girls are inspired by knitting.
As they say at «The Game of Thrones», winter is coming. It’s high time for warm, wooly, soft and comfy things. Knitwear is your ultimate fall and winter fashion statement. Create or buy, the choice is yours, trendy knitted pieces at Knitting Space Kyiv.

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PETS & PEOPLE school for pets and their owners. PETS & PEOPLE is the very first in Ukraine school for both pets and their owners. Owning a pet is a great responsibility. It requires certain knowledge and skills. These can be provided at PETS & PEOPLE. The lectures and practical workshops teach how to understand your pet better, how to behave properly when you want your pet to understand you. There are also lectures about healthy nutrition and grooming for pets.


Advanced Dog Training Course

Chemodan.online is a super clever Kyiv startup which offers suitcases for rent. Many of us spend not so many time traveling, mostly from 2 to 4 weeks in a year; the rest of time chunky suitcases are stuffed somewhere in our apartments often occupying a lot of precious space. Chemodan.online young Ukrainian startup offers a great selection of suitcases of various shapes, sizes and forms. You can rent out a suitcase without any deposit. All suitcases come with a special silicon protection case.


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Woolkrafts are making wool blankets with funky prints and patterns. Undoubtedly, the company became recognizable after they launched their Kyiv map blankets. The blanket features the graphic map of Kyiv downtown. All the items are made of 100% natural materials. Blankets are soft, cozy and super stylish. Also, check their pumpkin and coaster blanket as well as nautically themed blanket with the code name «Odesa».


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Sneaker Mate is a unique service launched in Kharkiv and Kyiv, which will make miracles to your beloved sneakers. This is a sneaker cleaning service that is making it easier for busy sneakerheads to stay fresh. 
Chances are, you've got at least a few dingy sneakers that you've been neglecting to give a proper cleaning. Whether your day-to-day is too busy or you simply don't have the patience to sit down and scrub, this new service is hoping to alleviate some of your troubles.

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Image source: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned in this article, Getty Images. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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