Useful Advices on Travelling by Plane

Useful Advices on Travelling by Plane

There is no better way to save on flights and hotel accommodation than to look at the inside of tourism industry. Here you will get an opportunity to collect some useful advices on travelling by plane from the international airports workers.

1. Do not waste time hanging locks on the suitcase
As it turns out, it is quite useless: the procedure of opening the lock can be easily conducted just with using a normal pen: it is enough only to move the tongue to one side, push a sharp object on the zipper and then re-close the bag easily.

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2. Bring your own headphones into the plane
One of the workers admitted that accessories issued on board, usually are not new, although they are carefully packed. While working in the warehouse, which is engaged in the supply of one airline, employee realized that second-hand accessories are cleaned after the flight, and then re-packed. Thus, their use is not entirely safe from the point of view of hygiene.
3. Get rid of the old marks on a suitcase
Some travel tips seem obvious, but as it turns out, they are still neglected by hundreds of people every day. As a result, a lot of suitcases go in the wrong direction. For example, an airport worker necessarily recommend getting rid of irrelevant markers, which are confusing the operators of the conveyor belt.

4. Be polite in dealing with airports employees and flight attendants
According to one of the workers, the sphere of influence of the flight attendants is much wider than the passengers might think. Once you show relevant courtesy and politeness, the stuff is happy to find a worthy replacement for your meal from the first-class menu or move you to a better seat on the plane.

5. Buy tickets and fly on Tuesday
An employee of the revenue accounting department said that the best time to buy a ticket is the second half of the day on Tuesday. According to him, it also beneficial to flight on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
6. It is better to abstain from coffee
One of the former airport employees, whose job was to service the coffee machine, mentioned low pay of such labor and the absence of the necessary tools. As a result, he and his colleagues did not consider it necessary to monitor the condition of the equipment, and the quality of the coffee left something to be desired.

7. Specify the name of your pet on his bag
Flying often causes panic among four-legged passengers, and the employees can only calm the pets down by talking to them. It turns out that it is very helpful if, at this moment, they refer to them by name.

Take these advices into consideration next you are going to plan your trip by plane and we hope you’ll find them useful!

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