What Do You Need to Know Before You Travel to Ukraine from Australia

What Do You Need to Know Before You Travel to Ukraine from Australia

A trip from Australia to Ukraine is a real adventure – actually, it means crossing the whole globe! Travelers may feel both excited and nervous before such a long journey, but in any case they wonder: “What do I need to travel to Ukraine from Australia and how do I find all the necessary information?” We decided to ease the task for Australian travelers, giving all the answers to these questions in our article below.

Getting a Visa
Of course, the very first question any traveler will ask is: “Do i need a visa to travel to Ukraine from Australia?” The answer is “yes”: these two countries have visa regime. So, how to get a visa for travelling to Ukraine if you are planning to go there from Australia? The first step is collecting all necessary documents to submit them to the Embassy of Ukraine in Australia. The list of documents varies depending on the type of visa, so let`s get to know what types of visa you can receive. There are three types of visa: transit visa (VB), short-term visa (VC) and long-term visa (VD). We will consider VC and VD visas.
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VC visa allows a traveler to stay in Ukraine for maximum 90 days within 180 days. VD visa permits to stay in Ukraine for the period exceeding 90 days. Both visas may be issued for single, two or multiple entries. If you got a VD multiple-entry visa, you will have to legalize your status in Ukraine within 90 days. You may find the complete list of documents and all requirements needed for getting each type of visa for travelling from Australia to Ukraine here. The documents must be submitted to the Consular Office of the Embassy of Ukraine in Australia (located in Canberra) personally, by an authorized person or by mail. Please note that you will have to pay a visa fee, the price of which varies from AUD 85 to AUD 1002. This price depends on type of your visa and time period needed for its preparation.
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There is a good news for those Australians who plan to stay in Ukraine maximum for two weeks. In 2016, Ukrainian government decided to simplify entry regulations for citizens of particular countries including Australia. Now, those citizens of Australia who are travelling to Ukraine for no more than 15 days for business or tourist purpose have an opportunity to receive single-entry VC visa on arrival. This is possible only in the international airports of Kyiv (Boryspil and Zhulyany) and Odesa. In Boryspil airport, you can get such type of visa 24/7, while working hours of Consular points in Zhulyany (Kyiv) and Odesa are from 8 AM till 8 PM. Please remember it when choosing your flight. You will have to provide a set of documents in printed form on the border. The list of documents can be found here. The cost of visa on arrival for Australians is approximately USD 100.
Flying to Ukraine
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When preparing for a flight from Australia to Ukraine, be ready for exceptionally long journey. There are no direct flights, so you will have to do at least one change. All flights from Australia to Ukraine take more than 20 hours, and some of them take more than 30 hours, so you will spend a day or even more on the way. As for the prices, they start from USD 1000–1500 for a round trip ticket from Australia to Ukraine. Of course, it is reasonable to buy such expensive plane tickets in advance. If you buy tickets few months before the trip, it is more likely that you will save a significant sum of money.
There are lots of well-known airline companies offering flights from Australia to Ukraine. For example, you can check out offerings from Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airlines, Turkish Airlines and other. The allowed weight of your luggage with personal belongings is stated by airline company. Import of restricted goods such as cultural and art values, medicines without special permit is prohibited. Some goods such as precious metals and stones may require written declaration on border. Drugs, poisonous mixtures, weapons, materials with propaganda of violence, war and pornography are not allowed for import to the territory of Ukraine.
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Clues about Staying in Ukraine
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When you arrive from Australia to Ukraine, be ready to dive into another time and space. Ukraine and Australia are located in different hemispheres, which means that if it is summer in Australia, you will face winter in Ukraine, and vice versa. It will be very wise to check weather forecast before you go and not to forget to take appropriate clothes. Time difference between Ukraine and Australia is 9 hours (Australia is ahead). As for accommodation in Ukraine, it is safe to book a flat or a hotel room using world-wide services like Airbnb and Booking.com. You may get to know up-to-date average prices for living (accommodation, transport, restaurants etc) in Kyiv as well as in many other Ukrainian cities here
Please note that unfortunately most of the people in Ukraine do not speak proper English. If you need some help from locals, it is more reasonable to ask younger people, because they are much more likely to speak English and therefore to understand you. We recommend downloading map applications for travelers that work also without Internet for the cases of low Internet connection and no Wi-Fi around. The cities of Ukraine are generally considered as safe places, but however, it is reasonable to keep to common rules: avoid speaking to suspicious strangers, keep valuable things out of other people`s sight and always have your ID with you. In the case of problems occurring during your stay, you may contact Australian Embassy in Ukraine. Address of the Embassy is 13, Kostyolna street, Kyiv, telephone number: +380442906400.
We wish you much fun and many bright new experiences during your trip to Ukraine!
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