Where to Go by Bus in Ukraine

Where to Go by Bus in Ukraine

Aside from personal cars, trains and airplanes, many people also choose buses for travelling. In Ukraine, there are many travel suppliers offering bus trips of different costs and comfort levels. Travelling by bus is very popular in the whole country, and usually it is no problem to find a bus, which will take you to any Ukrainian big city or small town. Let us consider some of the most popular domestic bus routes of Ukraine, which start in Ukrainian capital.

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Dnipro is one of the largest cities in Ukraine, full of interesting sights. People who come to Dnipro often want to see such attractions as Globa Park, Monastyrsky island, Ekaterinoslavsky boulevard, Preobrazhensky cathedral and beautiful city embankment. Those who wish go to Dnipro from Kyiv should take bus from Boryspil airport or some of the buses going from Kyiv Central bus station (1, Nauki avenue). The trip takes around 7 hours and costs UAH 250-430. Experienced travelers say that “Gunsel” and “Rik-avto” travel suppliers provide the most comfortable trips to Dnipro. There is also an option to take “Autolux” bus from Vydubichi bus station (10a, Naberezhno-pecherskaya road).
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Odesa is one of the most beautiful and charismatic Ukrainian cities, located on the Black Sea coast. This destination is popular in any season. Many travelers desire to see famous Deribasivska street, magnificent Opera House and famous Potemkin stairs. Buses Kyiv-Odesa go from Boryspil airport, Kyiv Central bus station (1, Nauki avenue) and Vydubichi bus station (10a, Naberezhno-pecherskaya road). Travelers arrive in Odesa to “Privokzalna” (1b, Starosenna square) bus station near city center or to Central bus station on 58, Kolontaevska street. The average trip from Kyiv to Odesa takes 6 hours. Costs vary from UAH 250 to UAH 550. It is reasonable to choose “Gunsel”, “Tourist” or “Autolux” travel suppliers.
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Kharkiv is another big cultural, educational and industrial center of Ukraine. If a traveler arrives to Kharkiv for the first time, he should surely see Svobody square, which is the largest square in Ukraine. Other notable city sights include Pobedy mobument, Sarzhin Yar park, Botanical garden and Pokrovskiy Cathedral. The best bus route from Kyiv to Kharkiv starts at Kyiv Central bus station (1, Nauki avenue). This route passes through Poltava and other interesting cities, so it is better to choose day trip to see all views through the window. Trip lasts around 7,5 hours and costs UAH 250-UAH 370. Travelers usually choose “Gunsel” or “Avto-Expert” travel suppliers.
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Uzhgorod is one of the most atmospheric cities of Western Ukraine. Lots of tourists come here every year, attracted by numerous sights such as Uzhgorod castle, Pedestrian bridge, Lipova alley and Saint George`s Church. The direct bus trip Kyiv-Uzhgorod takes 13 hours, so it is highly recommended to choose the most comfortable bus. Experienced travelers notice that “Euroclub” travel supplier is the best choice for going to Uzhgorod from Kyiv. The buses depart from Dachna bus staion in Kyiv (142, Povedy avenue). The ticket costs UAH 300.
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Lviv is undoubtedly one of the mostly appreciated tourist destinations of Ukraine. This Ukrainian city impresses with its unique atmosphere and worthy attractions. People come here to see famous Rynok square, Opera House, beautiful Statehouse, Armenian Church and many other sights. Lviv is also well-known for the best coffee and chocolate. The most popular Kyiv-Lviv buses departs from “Kyiv” bus station, located near central train station in Ukrainian capital (32, Simona Petliury street). The most comfortable bus rides from Kyiv to Lviv are offered by ‘Euroclub” and “Vasilkovtransavto” suppliers. Cost of the trip is UAH 250-UAH 380, and duration is around 8 hours.
Discover the most beautiful Ukrainian cities, travelling by comfortable buses.
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