Where to Stay in Kyiv for UEFA League Final: Best Offers

Where to Stay in Kyiv for UEFA League Final: Best Offers

On May 26, Kyiv will host UEFA Champions League final game between Liverpool (UK) and Real (Spain) football teams. The event will attract around 100 000 fans to the city. Of course, all of them need a place to stay, and Kyiv hotels decided to take advantage of it, raising prices up to unbelievable numbers such as USD 12 000 for a night. Luckily, many Kyiv dwellers still want to keep the good image of Ukrainian capital, offering accommodation to UEFA fans for reasonable prices or even for free.

The issue of accommodation in Kyiv for UEFA Champions League final has already become a big scandal. In a search for wealth, the owners of Kyiv hotels and apartments increased the prices for May 26-27, 2018 up to the levels that are far beyond reasonable. Numerous regular Kyiv dwellers felt outraged when they heard about it, disappointed by the fact that their native city would make a bad impression on foreign guests. So fortunately, football fans still have a chance to avoid overpaying for accommodation in Kyiv. Let`s see how to do this.
#FreeKyivCouch4Fans Flashmob

Unindifferent to football funs Kyiv dwellers have recently launched a new flashmob, offering foreign football fans to stay in their own apartments for free. The flashmob page on Facebook is called Kyiv FREE couch for football fans 26/05/18. In this group, potential hosts have to state how many fans they can accommodate in their apartment. After that, foreign guests need to comment on a host`s post, and host will contact them for detailed information. Everyone interested can find related posts by hashtag #FreeKyivCouch4Fans not only in the group, but also on the individual Facebook pages of Kyiv locals. Interesting fact: some of the hosts are ready to accommodate only fans of a particular football team.
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Low-Cost Rooms at Central Railway Station
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The official website of Ukrainian Railways (“Ukrzaliznytsya”) has recently announced that the company does not support the increase of hotel prices and is ready to provide UEFA fans with low-cost accommodation in the rooms of the Central Railway Station in Kyiv. These rooms cannot be booked in advance, so it is possible to rent them just after arrival. The administration of the Central Railway Station notes that the rooms have everything required: showers, TV, refrigerators and so on. There are single and double rooms. The prices for rent vary from USD 8 to USD 25 per day. The Central Railway Station is located almost in the center of the city and has good transport junction. Payments are accepted in cash or by card.
Kyiv Local Authorities Ready to Host UEFA Fans

Some of Kyiv government representatives are also ready to help. On May 5, council member of state administration Illya Sagaydak wrote on his Facebook page that he is ready to host 4 Liverpool fans in his apartment during UEFA final. The secretary of state administration, Volodymyr Prokopiv, supported his colleague`s initiative, noticing that he can host 5 guests. Ex- deputy mayor Mikhail Radutskiy and council member of state administration Yaroslav Didenko also commented on Illya`s post, offering their assistance. By the way, even the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has said on his recent meeting with UEFA executive director Martin Kallen that he personally is going to host some football fans at home.
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Booking an Apartment in Online Services

We checked out prices for May 26-27 in two the most popular online accommodation booking services: Booking.com and Airbnb. There are some good and some bad news. Let`s start from the good one: Booking.com still has some offers with prices ranging from USD 120 up to USD 450 for desired dates, which is relatively cheap in comparison with all the other offers. As for Airbnb, things are even better: the service offers apartments, rooms and couches for absolutely normal prices starting from USD 40. Using Airbnb, it is possible to rent a whole flat for a price around USD 150 – USD 300 in almost any district of Kyiv. Many of apartment descriptions on Airbnb include phrases like “I will lease my apartment to UEFA Champions League fans” written by the owners. However, the bad news is the following: both services notice that almost all accommodation options for May 26-27, 2018 have been booked already. Only around 10% of apartments and rooms are still available, so if you want to have a nice place for good price to stay in Kyiv during UEFA Champions League final, you need to hurry up!
We hope that every football fan who comes to Kyiv for UEFA Champions League final game will find an appropriate and reasonably-priced place to stay. Enjoy your time in Kyiv!
Photo source: shutterstock.com, websites of organizations, authorities and services mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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