Yanukovych House in Mezhihirya

Yanukovych House in Mezhihirya

After Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014, a posh mansion near Kyiv in Novi Petrivci village opened its doors for the wide public. Of course, we are talking about Mezhihirya, the famous residence of Ukrainian ex-president Victor Yanukovych, who escaped from Ukraine after the tragic events that took place in Kyiv in winter 2014. Nowadays, this luxury building with beautiful surrounding park, which was assigned the status of National Park and Museum of Corruption, and is well-known as Yanukovych House, welcomes everyone interested for an excursion.

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Mezhihirya is a picturesque area near Dnipro River, located in Novi Petrivci village of Vyshgorod region only 14 kms away from Kyiv. Until 1923, Mezhihirsky friary was located here, and during 1923-1931, the building of friary was used as ceramics technical college. When Kharkov relinquished its status of capital to Kyiv in 1934, the government decided to knock the monastery down. After the decision was brought to life, an official residence was constructed on the same place. In different years, this residence was owned by many state officials: Stanislav Kosior, Mykyta Khruschov, Volodymyr Sherbytsky, and finally it was handed over to Ukrainian politician Viktor Yanukovych in the beginning of 2000s.
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After Ukrainian Revolution of 2013-2014, overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych`s power and his escape from the country, the residence of ex-president, Yanukovych House in Mezhihirya, quickly became the most popular sight of Kyiv surroundings. The people even gave this place a new name: Museum of Corruption. Such name is explained by unbelievable luxuriousness and pomposity of Yanukovych`s house and its territory, which can be hardly compared to a simple home of an ordinary Ukrainian citizen. Obviously, the name means that such a gorgeous lifestyle of ex-politician was possible because of money he had from corruption schemes.
“Honka” mansion is the main and the central sight of the whole Mezhihirya complex. This wooden building looks like a real British castle. If you go inside, you will be astonished by posh and expensive furniture, design and interior elements which were possessed by Yanukovych and his family. The residential building is surrounded by a beautiful park with elegant alcoves and sculptures. On the territory of complex, visitors can see many rare plants, well-kept flowerbeds and grass plots, man-made lakes with nice bridges and fountains. By the way, lakes are inhabited by trout, ducks and swans. If you go a little further, you will see a sports complex with shooting gallery, roofed tennis courts, bowling and boxing ring. There is even a large golf course.
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Mezhihirya complex, which embraces 140 hectares, is surrounded by 5-meter fence with still wire along the whole perimeter – that is how Victor Yanukovych protected his treasures. And there was a lot to protect! The territory of Mezhihirya includes yacht mooring, horse riding club, car park with rare and expensive automobiles, hunting area and other impressive attractions. Undoubtedly, Mezhihirya zoo is one of the most exciting sights of the complex. You can easily find the zoo, if you go to the right from Mezhihirya central entrance. Here visitors can watch and communicate with wild boars, European mouflons, deer, oxen, yaks, antelopes, horses and other animals. There are also aviaries with diverse birds: bustards, peacocks, cranes, parrots, ostriches and white pheasants. All animals and birds are well-kept and friendly. Some of them are listed in the Red Book.
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On-water restaurant “Galleon”, located on the picturesque bank of Kyiv water storage, is another place worth visiting in Mezhihirya.
Mezhihirya is a great location for a picnic, and visitors can also have a meal in a café on the territory. There is an opportunity to order a sightseeing excursion on an electro car or to rent a bicycle (you will need passport and money for deposit).
Learn more about history of Ukraine and just enjoy beautiful landscapes visiting Yanukovych house in Mezhihirya.
Address: 19, Ivana Franka street, Novi Petrivci, Kyiv oblast`
How to reach: by bus No 355 or 792 from Heroyiv Dnipra subway station or by car (GPS coordinates 50°36'45.17''N, 30°28'27.01''E)
Opening hours: 8:00-22:00 in warm season; 9:00-17:00 in cold season
Ticket price: UAH 40-120
Photo source: shutterstock.com, depositphotos.com, official website of Mezhihirya. All photos belong to their rightful owners.


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